The Rebirth of Transportation

OjO Electric Commuter Scooter, Re-Imagined transportation for the Bike Lane


OjO Commuter Scooter, the ultimate two-wheel smart scooter from OjO Electric, is a bike lane-friendly, zero emissions clean fun ride for adults,  one that quickly accelerates up to 20 MPH going a distance of 25 miles on a single charge. Whether commuting or just enjoying a leisurely ride,  OjO will forever change the way people travel from place to place.

Incorporating the latest in smart technology with a sleek, patented ergonomic design, interactive, non-glare touchscreen that allows the rider to choose speed, review distance, control lighting and sound, and patented HyperGear motor with gear system to power up hills.  OjO supports an incredible 300+ pound weight capacity with its unique heavy gauge all-welded aluminum chassis.   Complying with the same rules and guidelines as the electric bicycle, requiring no license, the OjO offers a perfect solution – a simple, stable, fun bike lane-friendly, clean commuter vehicle.

The Tesla-inspired OjO is a true advancement in personal e-transportation, unmatched in quality, agility, versatility and technology. A ‘REAL’ true adult scooter that is economical and  sustainable, the OjO boasts gives a riding experience like no other.  OjO-On!

OjO will be available in January on and this Spring at BestBuy.  MSRP:  $1,999.99.

Kensington Debuts New Products for Enhancing Computing Productivity, Security and Ergonomics at ShowStoppers


kensington-sd5000t-thunderbolt-3-docking-stationSD5000T Thunderbolt 3 Dock

The SD5000T Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station is a game-changer, allowing users to push their productivity into hyper-drive. The new dock accommodates a single cable carrying up to 40Gbps of data in one compact port that supports dual 4K video and a complete array of desktop accessories connected at 8 times the speed of USB 3.0, while also providing up to 85W of laptop charging power. Whether it’s a video editor, graphic designer, content creator, gamer, or just someone who wants to simplify a 4K workspace, users will get more — more speed, more pixels, more power, and more possibilities.

Laptop Locking Station 2.0

As computer technology continues to evolve, thin laptops have become more difficult to secure due to their sleek platforms that don’t allow for traditional security slots to engage a cable lock. The Kensington Laptop Locking Station 2.0 addresses this challenge – delivering optimal security and functionality in a low-profile solution ideal for the desktop environment. Adjustable security arms are located on each side of the locking station to accommodate thin laptops ranging from 11” to 15.6” in screen size.

VeriMark Fingerprint Key

Kensington is pleased to introduce the world’s first fingerprint security key to support both Windows Hello and Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) universal 2nd-factor authentication (U2F) – the VeriMark Fingerprint Key. Engineered to provide simple, best-in-class 2nd-factor authentication, the VeriMark Fingerprint Key protects against unauthorized access on compromised devices while offering best-in-class cybersecurity for today’s cloud-based world.

ErgoSoft Wrist Rests

Kensington’s ErgoSoft Wrist Rests were designed to enhance comfort and productivity while computing at the desktop. The wrist rests feature an ultra-soft exterior supported by gel cushioning in a variety of styles to accommodate the different needs of mechanical, gaming, slim, or standard sized keyboards and mice. Combining unmatched softness with ergonomic science, ErgoSoft Wrist Rests are the perfect wrist rests for work and play.

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R.I.P Selfie Sticks, there’s a new Grip in Town

quikpodQuik Pod launched the Selfie Stick at ShowStoppers 2007. Company Founder Wayne Fromm has invented over 50 commercially successful products with companies including Disney, Crayola and Nestle and holds dozens of patents. This year at CES ShowStoppers he will launch a new Twist on photography, the Quik Pod Twist.

Quik Pod’s new restickable tripod can stick anywhere, holds strong, removes cleanly off any surface, is reusable, works with all size phones and includes an iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth remote control. Snap a photo or video anywhere on your own, handsfree. The Quik Pod Twist is pocket sized, feather weight, and easy to use. Simply attach your phone in seconds, stick it, click the remote to capture your shot or video and twist it off the wall, damage-free. It also quickly converts into a tabletop tripod with included legs and even has an adapter to instantly and securely attach to baby strollers and bicycles for handsfree smartphone use on the go.

Whether your yearning for that solo selfie, want to capture moments with your spouse and family, celebrating an event or taking an action shot with your pet…”Stick, Click, Twist” with the Quik Pod Twist.

Getting in the Picture Just Got Easier!