Velco wins LaunchIt pitch event for startups at CES

Velco’s connected handlebar for cyclists wins LaunchIt pitch event for startups at CES

Sixth edition of ShowStoppers® LaunchIt, Official event for Eureka Park exhibitors, pitches the most-investable ideas, entrepreneurs & companies

LAS VEGASJan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Angel investors and venture capitalists selected the most investable startup from 12 finalists representing  the hottest companies that took the stage at  the sixth annual ShowStoppers® LaunchIt, the official “pitch” event for startup companies that exhibit at Eureka Park during CES 2018.

The winner is Paris-based Velco, which designs and sells solutions for smarter, personalized urban mobility, including the Wink Bar, the first connected handlebar. Designed for bike delivery services, tourists and every-day bikers, the Wink handlebar integrates 224 Lumen headlights that switch on automatically when it becomes dark; connects to an app for navigation, signaling turns to riders and drivers; connects to mobile phones for incoming calls and messages; and alerts riders to potential theft, with tracking if the bike is stolen. An app also tracks ride history and statistics. The company is preparing for its second round of financing, seeking $2 million.

Velco will exhibit and meet with more than 1,300 journalists expected to attend ShowStoppers @ CES, the press event, tonight, 9 January at the Wynn Hotel.

“ShowStoppers LaunchIt”, a CES 2018 Media Day Power Session, took place January 8, at Mandalay Bay.

Working with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), ShowStoppers LaunchIt helps entrepreneurs and startups raise early seed capital by selecting from the more than 900 young, innovative, transformative and entrepreneurial startups that exhibit in Eureka Park, a marketplace within CES where retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers and others will find entrepreneurs launching new products, services, apps and ideas.

The finalists were:

  • Athom, Enschede, Netherlands — maker of Homey, the heart of the smart home.
  • Big Boy Systems, Wavre, Belgium – which developed and patented a camera and audio system made to see and hear like a human, recording in 3D and streaming content to VR headsets – used for surgery, psychology, technical training, education and entertainment.
  • Cardiomo Care Inc., New York City – maker of wearable technology and an analytics platform for heart disease prevention.
  • Cinema Snowglobes, San Francisco – the beloved nostalgic snowglobe, reinvented for the 21st Century.
  • Cubomania, Mykolaiv, Mykolaivs’ka oblast, Ukraine – interactive cubes to help children develop motor skills, logic, mathematics, financial literacy.
  • Pebby Corp., Sunnyvale, CA – a robotics company that strengthen the bonds between pet parents and pets, anytime, anywhere.
  • Picoo, Eindhoven, Netherlands – a robust, no-screen handheld that uniquely combines what kids love: interactive technology and active play.
  • Robomart, Santa Clara– a fleet of on-demand, autonomous, self-driving stores for grocery retailers.
  • SolarGaps, San Francisco– solving the world’s energy crisis with a network of distributed-energy solutions for Smart Cities.
  • We.Stream, Amsterdam – which provides secure mobile WiFi hotspots with embedded Cloud SIM technology to enable unlimited data in 100+ countries.
  • Zhor-Tech, Nancy, France – which pioneers smart shoes.

This year’s judges were:

  • Nicholas Zaldastani, managing director, Zaldastani Ventures and a Mentor Capitalist leveraging his venture capital and serial entrepreneurial experiences.
  • Marita McGinn, manager of hardware products, Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding platform.
  • Sharona Justman, a businesswoman known for connecting companies and leaders to align in creating rich opportunities for business. She co-founded STEP Strategy Advisors, an advisory firm focused on technology and consumer products providing strategic planning and acquisitions advisory to facilitate expanding the growth of companies through market entry expansion planning and execution.
  • Arthur Rubinfeld, former chief creative officer and president, Global Innovation and Operational Lead of Starbucks Reserve Roasteries for Starbucks Coffee and Founder of AIRVISION. Rubinfield is the author of Built for Growth: Expanding Your Business Around the Corner or Across the Globe.

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For questions relating to the ShowStoppers LaunchIt event, contact Dave Leon, director of sales, +1-845-638-3527.


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TiTAN unveils four new technologies including AI Robot, first all-in-one entertainment and smart home gateway and more

Forget separate access points for digital content and smart home systems. TiTAN Core, a new unified entertainment and smart home hub from TiTAN Platform, provides a secure ecosystem to access and manage your entertainment and smart home. Utilize and control smart thermostats, lights and home security or access and enjoy videos, games, VR and more. It’s all possible with TiTAN Core, a new generation set-top experience.

TiTAN’s AI Robot is a smart interaction assistant that doesn’t just respond to verbal requests and hand gestures, but also interprets mood through facial and speech recognition to make recommendations and suggestions in real-time. And the AI Robot spins to remain engaged as you move around the room. The AI Robot AI Robot also gets visual, showing your daily calendar, home security, video calls with friends, and streaming and synchronizing your entire entertainment library.

TiTAN Play is an encrypted streaming platform that enables consumers to safely store and view downloaded entertainment, personal photos and videos, and other digital content from any source — all without having to use different apps on multiple devices. TiTAN Play enables digital content storage and access on any device at home or on the go, including smartphones, tablets and TVs.

For content business and creators, TiTAN’s new TiTANplatform Content Identifier (TCI) is a patented encryption technology that enhances today’s digital rights management solutions to a new level of security. It embeds a special DNA-like code into any form of content to prevent illegal hacking and redistribution, as well as protecting all of your transactions in real-time.

Introducing Eargo Max: The best hearing aid we’ve ever designed

We believe that people shouldn’t feel they need a hearing aid, they should feel they want one. But the of the 48 million Americans currently experiencing hearing loss, a whopping 40 million have done nothing about it.  Why?  Mostly, the stigma associated with clunky hearing aids and a confusing, broken distribution model that has left few options and an intimidating buying process.

We believe there’s a better way. We’ve combined modern, green technology with a direct-to-consumer business model and team of licensed Personal Hearing Professionals who wouldn’t dare ask you to step foot inside a fluorescent, overly-sanitized doctor’s office. With Eargo, your days of rushing from appointment to appointment are long gone. Instead, we pride ourselves on delivering ready-to-use, insanely comfortable, virtually invisible devices right to our clients’ doors.

Introducing Eargo Max, our latest hearing aid with an all-new chip set and operating system for maximum audio fidelity with our best noise reduction yet. Eargo’s sound amplification has never been louder and crisper. Plus, we’ve added and improved features to improve the overall sound quality and ease of use. Eargo Max comes fully-equipped with:

  • Advanced Sound Quality – Paired with our brand-spankin’ new Flexi Domes, Eargo Max offers fuller, richer sound quality and more sound amplification. Because hearing more of life is pretty cool, if you ask us (we’re biased).
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction – Eargo Max’s noise reduction features allows for more focused, closer conversation at restaurants. Eargo Max reduces noise while preserving clarity of speech. Plus, Eargo Max is smart enough to vary based on the environment, reducing noise more as the listening setting gets louder. Our noise reduction features also reduces wind noise while preserving speech.
  • Flexi Domes – Increase your gains with Eargo Max. We’ve amped up Eargo’s patented Flexi Fibers with Flexi Domes to not only help to comfortably hold the device in place, but to increase the amount of ambient bass sounds and eliminate feedback.
  • Profile Memory – Simply take your device out, juice it up on the charger, and pick up on the hearing setting where you left off the next morning. As your Sound Profile preferences change, Eargo Max continues to learn your new preferences.
  • Voice Indicator – Instead of counting beeps to try to understand which listening setting you’re tuned into, we’ve added a friendly voice to help indicate each level. You’ll have a voice in your head to help count you through Programs 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Eargo Max builds upon the coolest features from past devices such as Invisibility, which has always been at the core of our product mantra. Vanity often prevents many experiencing hearing loss from seeking the solutions they need. Eargo Max’s invisibility allows clients to discreetly treat mild to moderate, high-frequency hearing loss under the radar.

Our rechargeability feature means no batteries, ever!  This results in savings upwards of $200 each year. A “green” device that saves money – what could be cooler than that?

Eargo offers clients access to world-class medical care over the phone, e-mail or chat, so they can manage their hearing health on their own schedules and preferred devices. Each purchase of Eargo Max provides clients unlimited access to ongoing, convenient support and care with our team of licensed personal hearing guides.


Stream TV demos Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D technology

  • Meet Stream TV Networks’ VP of Sales Leo Riley, Head of Broadcast Duncan Humphries and Games Director Zach Lehman at ShowStoppers  9, 6-10 pm for one-on-one demos of the company’s award-winning Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D technology
  • Get hands on with 6″ and 10″Ultra-D screens for the mobile market – adjustable 3D content on-the-go 
  • Visit Stream TV’s Booth #10939 for the debut of the most stunning Ultra-D display yet,with 16 million immersive pixels. Ultra-D is the only technology poised to take full advantage of hi-res panels now available from the world’s leading panel makers. With Ultra-D, more pixels means more depth – a value-add that consumers can really appreciate.
    • Don’t miss awesome glasses-free 3D entertainment demo’d on Ultra-D 65″ and 50″ TV screens
    • Interviews available with Stream TV CEO Mathu Rajan and Global Vice President Bud Robertson on exciting new applications for Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D technology across a wide range of industries, from home theater and on-the-go entertainment to automotive, aerospace, defense, digital signage, education, medical and live events/sports.
  • Learn more at;, Password: CEs2018

Qwertyfree revolutionizes touchscreen for users who have difficulty seeing or manipulating iPhone, iPad

Qwertyfree has released 5-Key™ Shift for iOS – just in time for CES 2018. 5-Key™ Shift is a revolutionary touchscreen keyboard designed for people who have difficulty seeing or manipulating their iPhone or iPad. However, anyone wanting to type without looking or with little motion will definitely want to take 5-Key™ Shift for a test drive so make sure to stop by our booth.

Slide your thumb, starting anywhere on the keyboard, to type letters, characters, and even emoji’s. And do it all without looking! And 5-Key™ Shift’s small “active” footprint can be a welcome relief for many with mobility impairments and those having difficulty typing on larger phones and tablets. 5-Key™ Shift is also equipped with visual, audio, and haptic feedback that makes learning easy and using it a joy.

Qwertyfree will also reveal plans for an amazing enhancement to 5-Key™ Shift for the iPhone X that will take gesture typing to a new level. You will definitely not want to miss this exciting news. So come by, use 5-Key™ Shift for yourself, and be the first to see how Qwertyfree has changed the way we interact with today’s modern devices. Learn more at

Switchmate intros wireless home security camera, previews DIY home security system

SimplySmart Home by Switchmate, which makes connected home products that create a modern, automated home without rewiring or replacing anything, will be announcing at Showstoppers the availability of its new Cube wireless home security camera. With 1-2 minute total installation, doorbell, voice and motion activation, and a REAL 1-year battery life, the Cube empowers everyone, from tech enthusiasts to tech newcomers, to experience the improved safety and security a connected home provides.  View a video of the Cube in action here.

The company is also previewing the first completely wireless, battery powered, DIY Home Security System that only takes 3 minutes to setup and activate that is shipping to U.S. retailers in February.

The Cube and the SimplySmart Home Security System are the latest products in SimplySmart Home’s family of high quality, fully featured connected home products that are all installation-free, wireless smart devices. This includes power outlets with two independently controlled sockets and built-in voice control and its flagship Switchmate smart light switch that doesn’t require users to change existing hard wired switches or all their home’s light bulbs, making it the only true plug and play smart lighting solution on the market today.  SimplySmart Home is the first company to perfect long range, whole home Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) coverage with WiFi on demand, allowing the company to deliver extremely power efficient, battery powered connected home devices with remote access with simplified installation and setup.   

Wacom advances pen-on-screen experience

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 and Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 are advanced creative pen displays. Both feature Wacom’s Pro Pen 2, offering 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity for an experience that will enhance your creative art and design workflow. The Cintiq’s etched glass screen delivers a distinct tactile experience as you draw, emulating the feel of pen on paper. Additionally, the 4K resolution and 98% Adobe RGB color accuracy ensures that you can see every detail. The optional Wacom Ergo Stand lets you raise, tilt and rotate the Cintiq Pro to find the most natural position for you. The Wacom Cintiq Pro devices connect to both Mac or PC computers.

My Special Aflac DuckTM Uses Robotics to Comfort Children with Cancer

What’s small, fluffy, robotic and quacks? The answer: My Special Aflac Duck, this year’s winner of the prestigious Tech for a Better World Innovation Award at CES 2018. This “smart” robotic companion for children who have cancers was developed by Sproutel and reflects Aflac’s history as a pioneer in cancer insurance and the company’s belief that children need more than medicine to help cope with the disease.

My Special Aflac Duck is being unveiled this week following 18 months of child-centered research. With four patents pending, it features naturalistic movements and joyful play designed to help distract children coping with cancer. The mission of My Special Aflac Duck is to help children feel less alone by using interactive technology during their cancer treatment. A compatible web-based app enables children to mirror their care routines, including medical play, feeding and bathing via augmented-reality. The smart companion emulates young patients’ moods, while seemingly enduring the same often painful therapies, and dances, quacks and nuzzles to help comfort children when they need it most.

For 22 years, Aflac, its employees and its independent sales agents have demonstrated a commitment to help families facing childhood cancer, including raising and contributing more than $120 million to this cause. This commitment is now being taken to a new level, lending the iconic Aflac Duck to this mission in an innovative way like never done before. The goal is to put a My Special Aflac Duck in the hands of the nearly 16,000 children in the U.S. who are newly diagnosed with cancers each year, free of charge, so that no child ever has to face cancer alone.

In early 2018, Aflac and Sproutel will begin delivering the My Special Aflac Duck to children at the Aflac Cancer Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for further testing. The smart companion is expected to be available to children with cancer nationwide in winter 2018-2019. Stop by Booth #50004 or visit to see My Special Aflac Duck in action and learn more.

A bevy of backlit keyboards from Matias

Matias releases a beautiful assortment of backlit & aluminum keyboards at CES this year. Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, Matias has you covered.

With Apple no longer making wired keyboards, Matias has stepped in to fill the void with several gorgeous new models… Its Wired Aluminum Keyboard is a dead ringer for the Apple original — except that it now has RGB backlighting! Available in Silver or Space Gray for Mac, and Black Aluminum for PC.

For those who prefer wireless, the Matias Backlit Wireless Aluminum Keyboard is available in Silver, Space Gray, and White Aluminum. Backlights use a lot of power, so Matias designed their backlit wireless keyboard with 2 separate internal rechargeable batteries — one just for the keyboard, and another just for powering the backlight. This way, your keyboard continues to work, even after the backlight battery eventually drains.

“Realmax One” – Mobile Augmented Reality Glasses for Education and Everyone

Though relatively unknown in the US, the company Realmax has been providing advanced robotic technology to hundreds of China’s universities for almost fifteen years. In 2015, the company built a new team including technology and business leaders from Microsoft, Apple and Nokia, with the vision that Augmented Reality can “deepen human understanding by making Augmented Reality accessible to everyone”. 

The first result of their Shanghai R&D center’s work is the Realmax One ; An Android-based, mobile Augmented Reality headset, that like Microsoft’s Hololens offers mobility, and full “6 Degree-of-Freedom” tracking  –  but unlike competitors has a massive field-of-view, and a mass-market price-point.

Nigel Burton, the Shanghai based CTO of Realmax (and previously a General Manager at Microsoft) said “With our low-cost, high performance AR glasses, a high school student can experiment with an industrial robot – or explore the atomic elements of a molecule. And they can do so without the costs and dangers of expensive laboratory hardware.  Making such learning available to everyone, is the driver behind our software and hardware research. We’re excited to preview our Realmax One AR glasses and RealWeb Software Platform at ShowStoppers 2018″.