Omron Healthcare Shows Breakthrough Technologies in Personal Heart Health and Pain Management

Omron Healthcare, world leader in personal heart health and wellness technology, will unveil breakthrough innovations and important firsts in the heart health and blood pressure monitor category, and its newest, connected device for at-home pain management at CES Showstoppers.

Omron’s latest heart health devices are the result of its investment in Going for Zero – the company’s mission to eradicate heart attack and stroke. Omron will feature the first-ever truly wearable blood pressure monitor that uses oscillometric measurement – the only FDA standard for accurate blood pressure readings. The HeartGuide™ has improved design, accuracy, comfort and technology over the prototype shown at last year’s CES and will be submitted for FDA review later this year. Omron is also introducing the US market to its first home blood pressure monitor that combines accurate blood pressure and EKG measurement. The new Omron Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG provides a more complete heart health picture for the six million Americans who suffer from diagnosed atrial fibrillation and are at increased risk of stroke. Both new, connected devices will synch with the new Omron Connect App (also previewed at CES) which tracks BP, EKG and heart rate data and enables sharing with doctors for better treatment and outcomes.

In a major development for the millions of Americans seeking drug-free pain relief, Omron will debut the new AVAIL™, an innovative over-the-counter medical device for safe and effective pain relief. Avail is Omron’s first TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit with wireless and dual channel capability that provides relief from both chronic and acute pain. With two soft, contoured pads, the device can treat multiple pain sites simultaneously. Users can control AVAIL wirelessly via the Omron TENS app, allowing them freedom of movement during treatment.