eBlockerOS 2 is Here: Anonymous Web Browsing Is Now Even Easier

The improved eBlocker makes completely anonymous surfing without digital traces and blocking data collecting online advertising easier and more powerful. This is ensured by the innovative version 2 of eBlockerOS including a completely revised user interface.

Smart Box Even Smarter

If you want to prevent private data from being tapped on the Internet and exploited by profit-oriented companies, you must actively protect yourself. The little box is simply docked to the router via a LAN cable and powered up – ready. From here on, it reliably protects all devices in the home network from any snooping services. All eBlocker models now recognize and block data collecting trackers even faster and more efficiently. The new tracker filters already use the meta information to determine whether parts of the communication packets go to data collectors. This offers advantages, especially on SSL-protected pages, which are used, for example, in online banking or protected user areas.

Safe Surfing for Smaller Internet Users

The eBlocker Family now offers even more effective protection for children under 12 years of age. This means that the eBlocker only allows educationally valuable children’s pages (whitelist procedure) on selected devices, but blocks access to all other pages.  The selection is based on the lists of the award-winning children’s search engine “FragFinn,” which contains hand-picked websites (approx. 12,000 pages) by media educators for this age group.

Launching This Fall

eBlockerOS 2 will be available Q3 2018 for all eBlocker versions “Base,” “Pro” and “Family.“ Christian Bennefeld, eBlocker CEO can hardly wait: “The feedback from our testing associates was very positive. It has never been easier than with the second generation eBlocker to effectively prevent the creation of personal user profiles on the Internet.”