mitte turns plain tap water into mineralized water

mitte® is on a mission to improve lives by turning plain tap water into mineralized water. We are revolutionizing the way people drink water at home with the world’s first water purifying and enrichment system which will enable consumers to make personalized pure and healthy* water.  The Mitte machine which was first presented at CES 2018 in Las Vegas will hit the market next year after an overly successful US kickstarter campaign with 360% overfunded.

Moritz Waldstein, founder and CEO of Mitte: “We are delighted that our game changing development has gained tremendous support. We hope to enable people around the globe to finally get good and healthy water.“  The US and Europe are key markets for Mitte as water contamination and plastic pollution increases with more than 57.3 billion plastic water bottles are sold annually.

Inspired by nature, the sustainable design supports our commitment to improving lives. We know a better you also means a better world, that’s why we are dedicated to reducing environmental impact by eliminating plastic bottle waste.