Real-Time automatically heart rate wristband B7Pro

You know how many important days for a couples in a year? Let’s get a count: New Year, Christmas Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day … Yes, Exactly, You must be struggling to buy what kind of special gift for someone who you love. Maybe you have made something by your hand personally or get something what he or she wish to get for a long time. Have you ever think about to send “health”+”care”? 

What does B7Pro from Shenzhen Toleda Digital Technologies bring you?

If you sitting in the office every day, you may feel your weight is increasing. Just wear the band on your wrist. It could remind you stand up leave your sit and walk for a while. Sleep late is a bad thing for your health. The tracker could monitor how many hours you are in deep sleep or light sleep to help you know more about your sleep quality then improve the health life.

In sports indoor or outdoor, a heart beating too fast is not good for your health. The tracker could let you know real-time automatically heart rate anywhere anytime — even if it is not connected with the smart phone — even if you have 180BPM heart rate. This is different sensor with continuously monitoring on your wrist with high accuracy. Of course you do not need to worry about rainy day or swimming pool. It is waterproof.

What extra function does it have?

  • Hang-up Phone call, When you busy and someone calling you, Just long-press the button to hang-up first.
  • Multi-Sport mode, Support different sport mode to track your activity.
  • Camera Remote, Shake the band to take the phone in smart phone.