Robotic vacuum cleaner — Smart Robot brings you smart life

Robotic vacuum cleaner from Shenzhen Hua Xin, using a suit of smart sensors, that automatically guide the robot around your home. The robot makes 60 decisions every second, navigating under furniture, beds, sofas and around clutter to thoroughly clean your floors, really hands free vacuuming,save your time to do something more important .

Smart sensor, smart features:

  1. All-around anti-collision sensors with bumper allows the robot to avoid barriers and adjust its route timely to protect your furniture.
  2. Cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs.
  3. Six groups of infrared sensor around the robot let the robot automatically dock and recharge, and is always ready to clean.
  4. Gyroscope sensor, Gyroscope Navigation Technology can demonstrate results of clean works in real time through APP.
  5. Geomagnetic sensor build the virtual wall function, Boundary Markers let you decide where your robot can go and where it should “keep out.”
  6. Dustbin detect sensor for V300 robot,alerts you when the dustbin isn’t installed to prevent the robot from sucking dirt in, causing mechanical damage.
  7. Hall sensor for X500 water tank,once you fix the water tank on the robot, the robot default mode is mopping mode.
  8. Edge measuring sensor,allows the robot sweeps corners and along walls,the robot catches dirt, dust, and hair where they hide.
  9. Wi-Fi Connected,clean from anywhere with the WeBack App.
  10. Schedule your robot to clean up to 7 times a week at times that are convenient for you on App.
  11. Four cleaning modes are designed to suit different needs: smart/planning cleaning mode for large areas with “S” route; Edge cleaning mode for corners and edges; Spot cleaning mode for specific areas; and single room mode for planning cleaning with powerful suction.
  12. Barrier-cross for height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15 degree max.