Smart 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker Mobile Phone Stand

GOODES from Shenzhen HaoYiShi Technology will bring you some new designs of Bluetooth speaker at 2018 IFA fair, Global Market Hall-S7, booth no.374.

S10 is a smart 3 in 1 device. It combines Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and Mobile Phone Stand functions. It makes our life become more convenient and wonderful.

Wireless charger function. Normal charging way is to use a charging cable to connect the mobile phone and wall plug. But after so many times of pulling out and inserting, the charging interface of mobile phone is very easy to be damaged. And if the quality of the pull plug or cable is bad, it may cause your mobile phone burned. Then you need to come to the repair shop, cost is more than US$100, and sometimes you need to wait some days, it is so inconvenient. Some times if the repairing man is not reliable, it is not safe for your files which you stored in your mobile phone. But now you can use wireless charger to charge for your mobile phone, only need to put the mobile phone on our S10 which is under charging,your mobile phone will be charged soon.It can protect your mobile phone.

Built in two coils support 10W fast charge, you can full charge your mobile phone in short time, and mobile phone stand charging or cross charging you can choose it freely. Now more and more new models of mobiles like iPhone 8,8 plus,X and Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6 … can support wireless charging directly.

Also a Bluetooth speaker. The voice of mobile phone is very small, and lots of people don’t like to use earphone, but when you use Bluetooth speaker function of our S10, you will know how enjoyable it is to listen to music.

It is also a mobile phone stand. If you also want to watch a movie or football game when your mobile phone is low battery. Don’t worry, S10 will help you.

As a factory, we can do customized product based on requirements of customers. For S10, large area for printing,you can print any personalized logo on it.

In touch with the world with smart mirror!

Every home should have a mirror. Have you ever imagined that a mirror can be smart?

Smart mirror from Guangzhou Rayer Acoustic is giving us new style of smart life with Android system.

It could be used for video intercom, smart home control central, video and audio, healthy management central. Life become so fun with smart mirror.

From movies and online-TV shows, music…to thousands of apps, Smart Mirror brings you everything in an instant. Mirror is easily controlled by touching, Alexa voice control.

Widely used in entrance hall, bathroom, bed-room, Salon, wardrobe. Your smart choice for your smart home.

More creative appliance please visit us at IFA 2018, New hall Hall S7, Booth number: 364+365 


Real-Time automatically heart rate wristband B7Pro

You know how many important days for a couples in a year? Let’s get a count: New Year, Christmas Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day … Yes, Exactly, You must be struggling to buy what kind of special gift for someone who you love. Maybe you have made something by your hand personally or get something what he or she wish to get for a long time. Have you ever think about to send “health”+”care”? 

What does B7Pro from Shenzhen Toleda Digital Technologies bring you?

If you sitting in the office every day, you may feel your weight is increasing. Just wear the band on your wrist. It could remind you stand up leave your sit and walk for a while. Sleep late is a bad thing for your health. The tracker could monitor how many hours you are in deep sleep or light sleep to help you know more about your sleep quality then improve the health life.

In sports indoor or outdoor, a heart beating too fast is not good for your health. The tracker could let you know real-time automatically heart rate anywhere anytime — even if it is not connected with the smart phone — even if you have 180BPM heart rate. This is different sensor with continuously monitoring on your wrist with high accuracy. Of course you do not need to worry about rainy day or swimming pool. It is waterproof.

What extra function does it have?

  • Hang-up Phone call, When you busy and someone calling you, Just long-press the button to hang-up first.
  • Multi-Sport mode, Support different sport mode to track your activity.
  • Camera Remote, Shake the band to take the phone in smart phone.

NUEX: World’s Finest 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Kit

Nuex is your Minimalist 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Base, Wireless Mobile Battery and Wireless Charging Clip

Convenience and Style Go Wireless — NUEX focused on making a simple and modern design with soft shapes to fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. We also took great concern about the ease of usage and how making sure the product was actually helping the user in its everyday life. The Nuex this way – a 3-in-1 wireless charging kit that looks stunning and works smoothly to provide you the seamless charging experience that you want for your smartphone.

The Wireless Charging Base — With a Type C interface, the Nuex’s Wireless Charging Base offers a fast charging experience for any equipment that supports the Qi standard. Automatic identification of apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W charging and support QC3.0 quick charger. Plus, the base allows two iPhones or an iPhone and a battery to be charged at the same time. Just place them over the Nuex Wireless Charging Base, and they start getting charged – just like that!

The Wireless Mobile Battery — To offer you multiple charging options that suit your every need, the Nuex Wireless Charging Kit lets you charge your device by simply attaching an external battery to the Nuex’s modern and elegantly designed case. This means that you can go on using your iPhone for calls or games while charging it in a fully wireless way… and looking great while you’re at it!

Plus, its Intelligent Electric Core smart system equipped with an intelligent locker keeps your phone from discharging or overcharging, namely keeping your phone from reaching very high temperatures. Keeping the experience safe and the batteries protected.

The Minimalist Mobile Case — In terms of its functionality, the Nuex Case is designed in such a way that the external battery attaches magnetically to it and starts charging your phone instantly and wirelessly. It has a truly unique design A cast iron mold in a one body molding, the case was designed to be beautiful, feel comfortable to the touch, and protect your device – with a special focus on protecting the iPhone X’s lens.

From Benks — fast charging, and a mango humidifier

From Benks, this is a new choice for wireless charging — a cube wireless charger with smart constant frequency technology, fixed-frequency fast charge, stable current and voltage, fast charging does not hurt the battery.

Unique design,material is Aluminum Shell and Tempered Glass Panel, wear-resistant & anti-drop, easy to dissipate heat, this product is also a good decoration on the table.

And the Mango Humidifier: Brings Innovation to Life — it gets rid of the bulky and rigid traditional humidifier on the market, and brings innovation to life. The shape of the mango is more like a piece of art, the nozzle with tilted design, gives out smooth mist. Mini size, suitable for room and office desktops, humidify your living space to prevent dry. Quiet design, does not effect work and sleep. Full water can be used for 4~8 hours based on interval and continuous mode, auto shut off protection.



Guangzhou CS Technology

Guangzhou CS Technology Co. Ltd. integrates design, research, production and sales, and is specialized in Digital Electronic Products, including Power banks, Phone chargers, Data cables and Bluetooth earphones etc. Our self-owned brand SOSLPAI has gained a great business reputation on the market since established.

Super Car Power Bank — is a stylish and cool style of power bank. It mainly highlights a strong sense of power, and looks like a super car, small size with big capacity. The input/output also has been greatly improved to 2.1 A. In order to be more easy for taking when we go outside, there is a waist in the middle of the edge, which not only antiskid, but also improves the comfort of the product, The product has added a dynamic sensing activation chip. Meantime, it broke the traditional keystroke activation mode, and upgrades to the shaking activation. It can be activated just by gently shaking. “From my cool structure, you should know how strength am I, with amazing super car appearance , and the amazing sports car charging, I am the best choice for you!”

Little Devil Charger — is a playful devil mobile charger, and with indomitable spirit, can be cooperated with your omnipotent fully, follow your inclinations, built-in all the electric conductor for pure tin plating copper quality, speed stability. With wear-resistant and resistant to shake environmental production TPE material. “I have passed the TUV, CE, FCC, ROSH certification, and is warmly welcome by Europe customers.”

MFI cable — is our MFi cable, which is with MFi license logo on the front of the package, such as the black on the white background, it is extremely demanding by Apple company and only 2% applier can obtain an MFi license successfully . It can provide consumers with more credible guarantees for the quality assurance. When you playing songs, transmission of data, synchronization of data, will not jump out of any hints, achieve seamless connection for you all the time, and the charging voltage, current is also more stable.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector-Give You The Safest Life


Guangzhou Goldspin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is a privately owned enterprise established in 2002, mainly handling screen protector such as mobile phone, computers, etc. — a top three screen protector manufacturer. Our company has enjoyed good reputation in this line. Our market niche is North America. Total annual revenue reached USD 421,236 in 2002.

Real machine testing successfully build the hand feeling of bare machine while all-round protection makes you doubled security. Through the imported anti-fingerprint oil, the screen is more smooth and the clear, penetrable and undamaged images come into existence. High-light Goldspin glass and precisely polishing the glass layer make the display more clear. Most hot-selling models like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC — about 97% device models in market OEM sizes are available. Our company philosophy is Make your phone different. Hope fully to become your trustworthy company in China.


Currently, more and more notebooks and mobile phones are with TYPE-C port for fast charging, the charger with TYPE-C and USB port all in one design has been developed, PD 3.0 and 4//5/6 ways output for most of the latest electronics and intelligent devices.

Guangdong Green Power Technology Co. Ltd. is the power supplies specialist with more than 11 years experience. As the High-Technology enterprise of Guangdong (China), we pay attention to quality control with ISO9001 certificate and OEM/ODM projects with experienced R&D team.

With slimline design, our chargers are easy portable. For universal usage, the EU/UK/US/AUS plugs are changeable, users from all over the world can find the right plug for charging. It meets the concept of convenience. Moreover, high quality raw materials like PC in RoHS standard shows our concern of safety. Quality means everything in our business.

Choose GREEN POWER, choose professional!

Shenzhen Chen Hui Da intros Apple Watch charger+wireless charger+power bank

Shenzhen Chen Hui Da introduces the APO3 Apple Watch charger+wireless charger+power bank.

Three functions — 5000mAh power bank-charging your mobile phone; wireless charger, charging your iPhone 8, iPhone 8plus, iPhone X, Samsung; and charging your Apple watch. It’s a monster! It will make your life easier and work greatly.

There are two very popular ports: Lightning port (5V/1A) and Type-c port (5V/2.4A input & ouput). It caters to most consumers.
For the Wireless part, it is Qi cert, WPC ID number is 4158.

The model LH09 Is a Sensor In-car wireless charger. The point is the “Sensor,” which also simplifies your life. There is a quick charge wireless charger-15W, to speed up the the charging speed of your mobile phone greatly. QI Cert in WPC which ID is 4160.

Kaforto offers simple and low-cost smart home devices

Kaforto offers simple and low-cost smart home lighting solutions and devices that allow you to easily implement home smart lighting, mobile phone or voice control, adjustable lighting and discoloration, and have different scenarios, work with Alexa Google home.

Kaforto Wifi doorbell, IP66 waterproof, clear night vision, HD camera, PIR detection, monitor outdoor situation in real time, remote dialogue video, even if you are not at home can also receive package and talk to visitor, And infrared monitoring real-time alarm function to protect your family.

WiFi power strip plug wireless remote control USB extension for electrical appliances, work with Alexa and Google home, easy to operate,timer setting, make different scheduuling tasks, countdow, scene setting real time status feedback.