Tempered Glass Screen Protector-Give You The Safest Life


Guangzhou Goldspin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is a privately owned enterprise established in 2002, mainly handling screen protector such as mobile phone, computers, etc. — a top three screen protector manufacturer. Our company has enjoyed good reputation in this line. Our market niche is North America. Total annual revenue reached USD 421,236 in 2002.

Real machine testing successfully build the hand feeling of bare machine while all-round protection makes you doubled security. Through the imported anti-fingerprint oil, the screen is more smooth and the clear, penetrable and undamaged images come into existence. High-light Goldspin glass and precisely polishing the glass layer make the display more clear. Most hot-selling models like Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC — about 97% device models in market OEM sizes are available. Our company philosophy is Make your phone different. Hope fully to become your trustworthy company in China.


Currently, more and more notebooks and mobile phones are with TYPE-C port for fast charging, the charger with TYPE-C and USB port all in one design has been developed, PD 3.0 and 4//5/6 ways output for most of the latest electronics and intelligent devices.

Guangdong Green Power Technology Co. Ltd. is the power supplies specialist with more than 11 years experience. As the High-Technology enterprise of Guangdong (China), we pay attention to quality control with ISO9001 certificate and OEM/ODM projects with experienced R&D team.

With slimline design, our chargers are easy portable. For universal usage, the EU/UK/US/AUS plugs are changeable, users from all over the world can find the right plug for charging. It meets the concept of convenience. Moreover, high quality raw materials like PC in RoHS standard shows our concern of safety. Quality means everything in our business.

Choose GREEN POWER, choose professional!

Shenzhen Chen Hui Da intros Apple Watch charger+wireless charger+power bank

Shenzhen Chen Hui Da introduces the APO3 Apple Watch charger+wireless charger+power bank.

Three functions — 5000mAh power bank-charging your mobile phone; wireless charger, charging your iPhone 8, iPhone 8plus, iPhone X, Samsung; and charging your Apple watch. It’s a monster! It will make your life easier and work greatly.

There are two very popular ports: Lightning port (5V/1A) and Type-c port (5V/2.4A input & ouput). It caters to most consumers.
For the Wireless part, it is Qi cert, WPC ID number is 4158.

The model LH09 Is a Sensor In-car wireless charger. The point is the “Sensor,” which also simplifies your life. There is a quick charge wireless charger-15W, to speed up the the charging speed of your mobile phone greatly. QI Cert in WPC which ID is 4160.

Kaforto offers simple and low-cost smart home devices

Kaforto offers simple and low-cost smart home lighting solutions and devices that allow you to easily implement home smart lighting, mobile phone or voice control, adjustable lighting and discoloration, and have different scenarios, work with Alexa Google home.

Kaforto Wifi doorbell, IP66 waterproof, clear night vision, HD camera, PIR detection, monitor outdoor situation in real time, remote dialogue video, even if you are not at home can also receive package and talk to visitor, And infrared monitoring real-time alarm function to protect your family.

WiFi power strip plug wireless remote control USB extension for electrical appliances, work with Alexa and Google home, easy to operate,timer setting, make different scheduuling tasks, countdow, scene setting real time status feedback.


Toye chargers will make life more convenient and smart

Smart Socket from Shenzhen Toye — WIFI smart socket has no complicated installation process. Socket supports Android / IOS mainstream operating system, download applications, you can achieve local, remote and free control.

WIFI intelligent socket supports real-time state feedback, which can feedback the working state of electrical appliances to the client in real time, and supports the setting of multiple timing tasks. The mobile phone client can control multiple intelligent sockets.

One app to control most of your household appliance — Add a APP in your mobile phone, then you can switch on or off easily by using your phone, and support switch on or off, it support countdown, you can also definite time to turn on or turn off the socket,and you will have a statistics about the electricity you used.

With Amazon Alex and Google Assistant, you can speak to them” turn on the socket”, so you can control your socket by your voice instruction

Benks curves, bends, tempers mobile glass

Benks is a creative mobile accessories brand in China. Its product line includes screen protectors, cases, charging accessories, in-car accessories, audio, and other creative accessories. With new iPhones around the corner, Benks is ready and launches brand new accessories for new iPhones.

Material is Glass and TPU, the glass restore the original feeling, and edge is 3D hot bending, to maximize the fit of the curved phone.

It is tempered at high temperature, explosion-proof and impact-resistant.

The edge of case is soft TPU, which is easy to install and disassemble without damaging the mobile phone.

Authorized Tempered Glass By Corning, Comprehensive Protection for Phone — The first licensed brand in China for mobile phone accessories, which is using Accessory Glass 2 by Corning® glass to produce tempered glass protector.

The tempered glass used heat & bending technology, which truly realizes 3D feeling, scratch-resistant surface, 400° high-temperature tempering, explosion-proof and impact-resistant. It’s not excessive that the tempered film is second screen of the mobile phone.


Shenzhen Welldy delivers OZZIE wireless audio

Shenzhen Welldy Technology Co.  Ltd, founded in December  2011, as a manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities, with its own brand OZZIE, which has achieved outstanding results in wireless audio products.

Our unique industrial design, precise production, and strict quality control contribute to the exquisite fashion products;  Our company has been servicing customers from different countries, and we have applied all kinds of certificates like CE, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, FCC, BQB, etc. Good quality is what we’ve always been pursuing, and so does the service. We respect integrity, objectivity, innovation, and philosophy of dedication. We advocate teamwork, service and pursue excellence in work style. Our team is dedicated to meeting customers’ various requirements and solving every problem that might occur. Till now, we have kept a very good reputation with no complaint among customers.

Our entire range of Bluetooth speakers support the lowest iPX5, the highest ipX7 waterproof rating. You can take it to climb, go swimming, go cycling, go running, party, and more.It can appear anywhere in your life and be your best personal partner. Our speakers use our own self-developed coaxial resonance technology to maximize his energy and sound quality in a limited speaker space.

Just like the slogan of our company, Make life simple and beautiful !


Canaan Creative mines Bitcoin with TV

The China-based miner giant Canaan Creative released its latest products – a TV set with built-in Bitcoin mining chips, a heater with mining capabilities and a 30TH/s Bitcoin miner.

Compared with Bitmain’s popular Antminer S9, which is claimed to be the most powerful and efficient miner available on the market, its advertised capacity is 14 TH/s, only half of Avalon A9’s hashrate. With this new generation of 7nm miners, Canaan is introducing a new era of powerful and energy-efficient bitcoin mining.

Despite new miners and lifestyle products, Canaan also works on innovative and energy saving cooling solutions like immersion cooling. Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) is the most cost effective way to get the maximum hashrate from any ASIC or GPU based miner.
Cryptouniverse, their european distributor, is showcasing the new immersion cooling technology at IFA 2018 and is also providing information on the new 7nm miners.

Actxa Glo: Non-invasive Blood Glucose & Fitness Tracker

Actxa believes that heartbeat data can provide meaningful insights into the human condition. Through analysing heartbeat data, we have incorporated VO2 Max estimation into our Spur+ and blood glucose level prediction into our Glo. We will continue to innovate and make positive impacts in preventive health with the use of physiological data and analytics.

An innovation like none other, the Actxa Glo does something no other fitness tracker does – it helps you keep tabs on your blood glucose levels. And yes, with no needles involved.

Early detection — Knowledge is king. Especially if you know it early. The Actxa Glo is part of an advance warning ecosystem that predicts if you might be at a high-risk for developing diabetes.

Easy-to-use — We know how uncomfortable it is to have to prick your fingers just to monitor your blood glucose levels. Actxa Glo does it differently. It measures your heartbeat data, runs the heartbeat data through a sophisticated prediction engine that will then inform you if your readings are in the High/Normal/Low range.

Accuracy — Our prediction engine was adapted from successful research and lab tests collaboratively conducted by a tertiary institution specializing in sports science and a leading public hospital in Singapore. Starting with an accuracy rate of more than 75%, this engine is continually being improved and made available to Actxa Glo users as our dataset continues to grow.

This gives you the assurance you need for you to take early action if your readings are consistently in the danger zone. Not bad for such a non-invasive method, indeed.

Todamay Bluetooth Headphones

Todamay True Wireless Stereo Earbuds brings you together

Unique Battery case design make it ultra portable. Anti fall ear-wing allows for GYM wearing. The separated left and right Bluetooth channel make them can be used as two separated earbuds. The two earbuds can also automatically paired with each other. Then you can share the music with your friends. 

Todamay Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

Foldable & comfortable earmuff Bluetooth headphones come with Active Noise Cancellation. No more noise around.


Todamay Bluetooth Sport Earphones

TDM-HR01 Exactly fit your ears with S,M,L size eartips. Adjustable wire clip to match your necks. CSR chip ensure the sound quality with powerful bass. Running with music around.

For more details, please visit: www.todamay.com