Polaroid Introduces the New Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 Camera and Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer at IFA 2018

Polaroid announces the release of its newest innovations in photo printing – the Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 Camera and Printer and the Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer. The Polaroid Mint Camera simplifies instant printing with a sleek and modern design, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go. The Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer taps the latest technology for faster, more powerful printing capabilities in a slimmer format.

The Polaroid Mint Camera makes it easier than ever to capture and print instant photos that last a lifetime. With its sleek, vertical design, the Polaroid Mint Camera instantly prints vibrant, high-quality photos. Simply choose one of three modes – color, black and white or sepia – add a frame if desired, and press the shutter button to instantly print the photo. The 16 megapixel camera features an integrated selfie mirror, automatic LED flash and a self-timer. Pictures can be stored on a MicroSD card of up to 256 GB. The camera will be available in black, white, red, blue and yellow for a MSRP of $99.99.

The Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer enables you to print any photo from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go. The printer connects to the Polaroid Mint App on your smart device via Bluetooth to print stunning 2”x3” full-color glossy photos in less than a minute. The app features editing, filters, frames, stickers and more for unparalleled creativity. This slim, lightweight printer packs a powerful punch with a battery life to print 50 photos per charge. The printer will be available in black, white, red, blue and yellow for a MSRP of $129.99.

Offered by C+A Global, an authorized Polaroid licensee, the Polaroid Mint Camera and Polaroid Pocket Printer will be available at retailers worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2018. Both products will be available at IFA for demos at booth #107 in Hall 25. To learn more, please visit www.polaroid.com.


Vayyar: The world’s most advanced System on a Chip for mmWave 3D imaging

Vayyar’s sensor creates high-resolution images based on advanced RF technology. It integrates an unprecedented number of transceivers and an advanced DSP to produce images with high-resolution contour and high accuracy. Our devices, either stand-alone or integrated, are opening new capabilities in various markets including smart home, security, automotive, retail, elderly care and more. 

Our sensors are able to create a 3D image of everything happening in your home in real-time.

We can monitor people presence, location, posture and vital signs with no optics or wearables. We are also able to detect a fall, intruders on the premises, and people presence during emergency situations, all of this can be incorporated into a smart home to make your home appliances smarter and more proactive.

Vayyar’s sensor technology is currently being applied in a wide range of verticals including. Smart Home, Security, Robotics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Production Lines, Elderly Care and Fall detection in the home and more. The unique benefits to Vayyar technology is that it is compact, low power and lightweight- the full module can fit into a matchbox! Our RF sensors provide “Superman Vision” providing the ability to see inside and through objects. Because we our sensors do not need cameras or optics, we protect an individual’s privacy with the highest data minimization standards. Our technology is robust, and is not influenced by lighting or weather conditions.  Vayyar Imaging is changing the market for imaging and sensing with its cutting edge 3D imaging sensor technology.

Ring Continues Mission to Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods with Whole Home Security Ecosystem

Ring, a company proven to reduce crime in neighborhoods, is showcasing its whole home security ecosystem in Europe for the first time.

Enabling you to watch over your home from your smartphone, tablet or PC, no matter where you are in the world, Ring has created neighborhood watch for the digital age with its suite of proactive and easy-to-install home security solutions.

Among the products on display at IFA are Ring’s flagship Video Doorbells and Security Cams, as well as its new indoor/outdoor security camera and range of smart, connected outdoor lights. Ring’s new, professionally monitored home security system, Ring Alarm, is also on display.

Stop by Ring at ShowStoppers and at the booth, Hall 6.2 128, to learn more about Ring’s home security ecosystem and to experience Ring products and features on display.

Welcome to the Quiet Revolution

Quiet Mark is at the forefront of finding a dynamic solution to one of the world’s most pressing ecological and health issues; noise pollution.

Consumers are now actively seeking peace and quiet in a noisy world.

Quiet Mark combats the threat with an easy expert guide to find the quietest high performance products, subsequently creating demand for the development of quieter technology.

Quiet Mark’s unique role serves to eliminate unwanted noise in our living spaces, and rediscover vital acoustic harmony within new product design to support wellbeing.

The world’s first expert acoustic award programme presents the ‘Buy-Quiet’ movement as a next generation consumer champion.

Welcome to the new era of Sound Design for technology surrounding us. At IFA, Quiet Mark will be available for meetings at ShowStoppers and in Hall 22 Stand 101, Hall 9 Stand 212, Hall 23 Stand 101 and Hall 4.1 Stand 213.

Quiet Mark’s Co-founder & Managing Director will also be speaking on Monday September 3 (Stage Red) Hall 26 at 14:40 on The Quiet Technology Revolution Benefiting Consumers and Manufacturers.

Poppy will detail the third-generation family story behind Quiet Mark, the distinctive purple Q logo. The trusted universal award-symbol that identifies a selection of the quietest technology and noise reduction solutions that have been tested and validated by expert independent technical assessments.

Sourcenext Unveils Pocketalk, A Two-Way Voice Translation Device That Makes Global Travel a Breeze –  Imagine Where It Will Take You

Debuting at IFA, Pocketalk™ is the portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device that makes it easy to travel the world and converse with people who speak different languages. With the ability to translate 74 different languages, Pocketalk makes it easy to understand others and be understood. Pocketalk uses WiFi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot to connect to the internet and provide the most accurate translations possible. Pocketalk will initially be available in white and then also in gold and black by end of year. Pocketalk will be available for purchase in the US starting October 10 with two pricing options:

  • $249 features a WiFi enabled device
  • $299 adds a global SIM with two years of mobile data included

Talk the way you normally do, not just in statements or phrases. Pocketalk eliminates the need to look up words and phrases in a dictionary or on your phone. Small and compact, the device fits in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere, and you never have to hand over your phone. Whether you’re exploring a new culture while extending a business trip, backpacking through Europe or communicating with world-class athletes at the Olympics, Pocketalk opens doors for global travelers.

Creators of Million Dollar Selling Solar Paper Launch SunMade Cheese on Kickstarter

Playful, Bovine-divined Solar Panel Cultivates Energy from the Sun while Serving up Social Change

The practical objet d’art comes with a solar panel shaped like a cheese plate and solar powered accessories: a brie cheese USB port and customized power bank connector, a milk bottle power bank, a swiss cheese radio, a ricotta lantern, and a caciocavallo plasma lighter. The cheese plate collects energy from the sun and stores it in the milk bottle power bank.  Embedded magnets and customized connectors attach the milk bottle to each of the cheeses and bring them to life.

YOLK created a playful, functional, and high-brow project that combines the utility of solar panels with one of their favorite bovine-divined products, cheese.  SunMade Cheese is more than just a solar panel. It hosts a potpourri of realistic cheeses designed to practically and easily incorporate solar power into our everyday lives.

These highly cultured accessories include:

  • Swiss Note Speaker: Perfectly disguised as a block of swiss, the bluetooth Swiss Note speaker’s volume control and radio seek buttons are embedded within the eyes.
  • Ricotta Torch: With the texture and appearance of ricotta salata, this cheese module transforms into a traditional flashlight or lantern. Smart sensors detect when the torch is set down on its rim and automatically switch the light to diffuse softly up through the handle.
  • Caciocavallo Kindler: This version of caciocavallo – an Italian delicacy – provides futuristic flames as a plasma lighter. Plasma lighters are 100% sustainable, wind-proof, odorless, flameless, and 100% rechargeable, so the Caciocavallo Kindler never needs lighter fuel and never blows out.
  • Milk Bottle Power Bank: The cheese plate collects energy from the sun and stores it in the transparent Milk Bottle Power Bank. The power bank can store up to 2900mAh of power. Unlike other power banks, it features an on-off switch that prevents it from leaking energy when not in use.

Available now on Kickstarter, SunMade Cheese is guaranteed to start conversations about the importance of solar power and energy conservation no matter where you display it. One of YOLK’s core values is “Solar for Everyone”. In line with that philosophy, the team prepared for this project by delivering and installing a Solar Cow at an elementary school in Pokot, Kenya and gave 30 power banks to the students. In Sub-Saharan Africa child labor prevents one in five children from attending school. That’s twice the global average. The Solar Cow is devised as a way to reward children for going to school and their parents for sending them. When kids arrive at school in the morning they just attach their batteries where the cow’s udders would be. At the end of the school day they can leave with a full supply of valuable electricity. Ten percent of revenue from the SunMade Cheese project will go towards funding Solar Cow projects in rural African communities.

Dell Introduces XPS 13 Family Updates at IFA 2018

Dell’s flagship XPS 13, the smallest 13-inch laptop1 and the most powerful in its class2, now offers the new Intel 8th Gen i3 processor, delivering a more affordable option for consumers. And the XPS 13 Developer Edition is available now with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (long-term support), an update that provides support for up to five years.

In addition, the XPS 13 2-in-1, the smallest 13-inch 2-in-1 on the planet3 now offers Intel’s latest 8th Gen processors. The 2-in-1 comes with Dynamic Power Mode to extract maximum performance from the processor, as well as up to 15 hours4 of battery life and a stunning viewing experience with UltraSharp QHD+ InfinityEdge touch display.

As part of Dell’s <legacyofgood.dell.com/> Legacy of Good commitment to get 100% sustainable packaging by 2020, the majority of its XPS portfolio now ships with ocean bound plastics packaging with plans to expand this across other product lines. At the same time, Dell is reducing use of single-use plastics by going strawless at global facilities. Dell is committed to applying its expertise, technology and resources toward addressing global challenges like the ocean plastic pollution crisis, which is featured at IFA this year.

1 Based on an April 2018 Principled Technologies Report sponsored by Dell, “Comparison of 13-inch-class laptops”. Full report: www.principledtechnologies.com/Dell/XPS_13_comparison_0418.pdf
2 Based on Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell, December 2017, using the Cinebench multi-core CPU benchmark test comparing the Dell XPS 13 against competitive products with similar configurations. Actual performance will vary based on usage, configuration, and manufacturing variability. See report here: facts.pt/Vm8PAx
3 Based on an April 2018 Principled Technologies Report sponsored by Dell, “Comparison of 13-inch-class 2-in-1 laptops”. Full report: www.principledtechnologies.com/Dell/XPS_13_2in1_comparison_0418.pdf
4 MobileMark 2014 battery benchmark: XPS 13 2-in-1 tested with 7th Gen Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and FHD display. Based on testing using the Mobile Mark 2014 battery life benchmark test. For more information about this benchmark test, visit www.bapco.com <www.bapco.com> . Actual battery life may be significantly less than the test results and varies depending on product configuration and use, software, usage, operating conditions, power management settings and other factors. Maximum battery life will decrease with time.

ITRI detects pesticides, sterilizes, optimizes sleeping environment

ITRI demos innovations in smart living.

Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Sterilizer

The Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Sterilizer is designed to disinfect household drinking water and reduce the risks of bacterial contamination by killing 99.9% of germs such as E.coli. Its UVC LED light disinfection module includes small size, low power consumption, and long lifespan features as opposed to the conventional mercury lamp disinfection systems. A smart sensor is embedded to activate the UVC LEDs when water flow is detected. The sterilizer is able to purify 2 liters of water per minute. It will also monitor UV light intensity during disinfection and let users know when to change the LEDs. The device can be integrated with the water filter system and is capable of connecting with the IoT network for smart home applications, making it convenient to manage the safety of direct drinking water.

Genki Bot

Using AI technology, ITRI’s Genki Bot is designed to learn and optimize the sleep environment for individual users. Through the interaction between the device and users, the AI algorithms enable Genki Bot to recommend the best environmental parameters, such as songs, sounds, and lighting. It can also measure temperature and humidity and detect CO. Adopted from the Taoism of ancient China, “Genki” means the internal energy of body and mind, which will eventually become one’s wisdom. Thus ITRI has developed this intelligent bot for people to enjoy a better and healthier life.


HALO: A Smart Device for You to Eat Clean, co-developed by Asensetek

HALO, co-developed by Asensetek and ITRI on the basis of the Pesticide Residue Detection Technology, makes its first public appearance at IFA 2018. It is an innovative device that helps ensure fruits and vegetables are clean and safe to consume. Its optical detection technology and dynamic degradative algorithm not only allows users to see the pesticide concentration level on their fruits and vegetables, but also notifies them of the safe range for consumption while washing. The different colors emitted from the “HALO” will project the cleansing status.

Dell Brings a Full Refreshed Consumer Monitors Portfolio to IFA 2018

Dell 27 USB-C Ultrathin Monitor perfection from every angle

Continuing to lead the industry in displays, Dell is unveiling the newest member of its Ultrathin family and the world’s brightest 27” USB-C ultrathin monitor in its class*.  Featuring up to 600 nits peak brightness, the Dell 27 USB-C Ultrathin (S2719DC) is a premium HDR monitor with VESA-certified DisplayHDR 600 and integrated with Corning Iris™ Glass light-guide plate (LGP) technology.  It is equipped with a USB Type-C connector that transmits video, data and power, all from one single source.   The cutting-edge design is remarkably thin from every angle with its thinnest profile at 5.5mm and comes with a virtually borderless InfinityEdge design on all four sides, making it a perfect fit for workspace or home setup to create a beautiful aesthetic.

Dell 24” and 27” Gaming Monitors gamer-inspired design with fluid gaming experiences

Dell continues to invest in the gaming monitors portfolio.  With the launch of the new Alienware monitors last year, Dell is launching two new Dell gaming monitors this year – the Dell 24” and 27” Gaming Monitors (S2419HGF and S2719DGF).  With 24” FHD and 27” QHD resolution, fast overclocked refresh rates (144Hz for 24,” 155Hz for 27”) and an extremely rapid 1 ms response time for gameplay with minimum input lag, both deliver a fluid gaming experience offering gamers the flexibility to switch on or off AMD FreeSync TM. Users can customize up to three user-defined profiles and choose preset modes for the best personalized gaming experience. The gamer-inspired Recon-Blue metallic paint complements Dell gaming PCs for a unified look and gaming experience.  Fully adjustable features for height, tilt and swivel let users adjust to their viewing preference to accommodate long hours of gaming.  In addition, the three-sided thin bezel design on the 27” model is ideal for creating a seamless multi-monitor setup.  During the warranty period, Dell Premium Panel Exchange allows a free panel replacement even if only one bright pixel is found.

Dell SE Monitors for everyday computing

In addition, Dell’s introducing a new line of SE Monitors which deliver essential features for everyday computing.  The new FHD monitors (SE2219H, SE2419H and SE2719H) come with thin bezels and are available in 21.5-inch, 23.8-inch and 27-inch screen sizes.  Built with IPS panel, enjoy color consistency and accuracy across wide viewing angles.  Each of the SE monitor also comes a flicker-free, low haze screen atop a compact, space-saving base.  With the introduction of the new SE monitors, Dell now has a full refreshed range of consumer monitors.

LIFX – Lighting reimagined for the smart home future

Founded in Melbourne in 2012 when talk of a smart home was just whispers and dreams, LIFX launched the first ever multicoloured LED Wi-Fi light and has since grown to become a global challenger and innovator in smart home lighting technology.

Under the leadership in Australia of Co-Founder and CPO/CTO, Marc Alexander, the company is pushing the boundaries both locally and internationally to go beyond just smart lighting technology and evolve its customer experience – offering applications that really impact and add value to the lives of its users.

The smart lighting technology is extremely user-friendly and only requires the touch of smartphone via the LIFX app to operate, or alternatively can be used via tablet or voice control.

From turning lights on and off, to a full spectrum of colours and “moods”, day and dusk automation as well as many other design-orientated and lifestyle functions such as applications for sleep, entertaining and security – there are endless opportunities for customising and interacting within your home.

“In my own home, I use LIFX lights for everything! We have Tile transforming the feel of our living room, in place of what used to be an art canvas. Beam is around a bedroom door frame changing the feel of the back of the house, and I have 40-something lights in my home, many are in our rooms and living areas, some in groups for testing and some are prototypes and samples of new products to come,” revealed Alexander.

With smart home innovation only set to continue to gain momentum in the European market, LIFX is the company that is shaping the global industry and world into a smarter future.