LIFX – Beleuchtung neu definiert für die Zukunft des Smart Homes

LIFX wurde 2012 in Melbourne gegründet. Damals war das intelligente Zuhause noch Science Fiction. Heute ist LIFX ein globaler Herausforderer und Innovator im Bereich der intelligenten Heimbeleuchtung.

Unter der Leitung des australischen Mitbegründers und aktuellem CPO/CTO Marc Alexander, will LIFX nicht nur die intelligente Lichtsteuerung weiterentwickeln. Ziel ist es, das Kundenerlebnis durch Funktionen, die das Leben der Nutzer wirklich beeinflussen und bereichern, weltweit zu fördern. Daher gestaltet sich die intelligente Beleuchtungstechnik des Unternehmens äußerst nutzerfreundlich und erfordert nur eine simple Berührung des Smartphones über die eigene LIFX-App. Alternativ ist auch eine Bedienung per Tablet oder Sprachsteuerung möglich.

Angefangen mit dem simplen Ein- und Ausschalten des Lichts bis hin zu speziellen Features für Schlaf, Unterhaltung und Sicherheit, bieten die smarten Lösungen von LIFX riesige Farb- und Stimmungsspektren. Im Zusammenspiel mit der Day and Dusk-Automation sowie vielen weiteren Design- und Lifestyle-orientierten Funktionen, ergeben sich unzählige Möglichkeiten zur individuellen Farbgestaltung und Interaktion im eigenen Zuhause. 

„In meinem eigenen Zuhause verwende ich die LIFX-Lampen für alles! Wir haben LIFX Tiles an Stelle von Kunstleinwänden, die das Ambiente unser Wohnzimmer in eine künstlerische Atmosphäre tauchen. Ein LIFX Beam umrandet die Schlafzimmertür und verändert die Wahrnehmung des kompletten Raumes. Im Haus verteilt sind über 40 einzelne Lampen, die meisten in den eigenen Zimmern und im Wohnbereich. Einige sind zusätzlich zu Testzwecken gruppiert, andere sind erste Prototypen oder fertige Samples zukünftiger Produkte“, verrät Alexander. 

Während Smart Home-Innovationen hauptsächlich auf dem europäischen Markt an Fahrt gewinnen, wird LIFX das Unternehmen sein, das die smartere Zukunft für ganze Welt gestalten wird. 

Bring Your Home to Life with the Magic of Touch

Making its European debut at IFA 2018, the Nanoleaf Canvas is here to change the way you think about lighting. With its intuitive touch controls and modular square design, the Nanoleaf Canvas transforms everyday lighting into an experience curated just for you.

It’s the middle of winter, but you wake up to a beautiful sunrise painted by the Nanoleaf Canvas. You get out of bed and walk to the bathroom while brushing your hand across the wall. A soft ripple runs across the orange yellow glow of your Canvas wall, bringing your space to life just as the sun rises outside your window.

With the Canvas, you create your own personal lighting masterpiece.

Intuitive Touch Control

  • Touch to turn on lets you easily control the Light Squares without your phone
  • Create dynamic animations with brilliant touch-reactive effects
  • Control with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App or voice commands

Create Your Masterpiece

  • New modular square shape offers infinite design possibilities
  • Connect hundreds of Light Squares to one single Control Square
  • Built-in Rhythm function for real-time music visualizations of your favorite songs
  • Revolutionary edge lit design with a marble-like finish for a classically modern look

Immersive Lighting For…

  • Creating a statement wall to set the perfect ambience in your living room & bedroom
  • Functional white light in your study or work space
  • Adding a splash of color in a kid’s room or entertainment hub

The Somnox Sleep Robot is coming for your insomnia

If you have sleeping problems, you are not alone: One third of the population suffers from it and addictive pills do not really help in the long-term. The intelligent Somnox Sleep Robot is a pillow-like soft robotic which will rest in your arm, simulating human-like breathing which will subconsciously slow down your own breathing, making you doze off calm and peaceful again. Furthermore, the Sleep Robot can be completely personalized to your own needs.

This world first breakthrough has been developed by a team in the Netherlands using the technology of tomorrow, tested and refined time and again. Now the results are convincing, the robot is ready to hit the markets. During ShowStoppers @ IFA media will be the first to see the robot and talk to the founder of the company and creator of the new robotic sleeping aid.

A World First at IFA 2018: devolo Magic merges Mesh-WiFi with Powerline for speeds up to 2,400 Mbps

devolo’s new product line offers more speed, more range and more stability. In short, devolo Magic is the new standard in the area of home networking. To accomplish this, devolo has — for the first time ever — combined today’s most powerful WiFi with Powerline technologies. The result is devolo Magic, offering the best Mesh-WiFi convenience while using a new chip generation based on the architecture for the Powerline segment. The new chips make speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps possible and a new auto-pairing feature makes installation easier than ever. devolo Magic: for magical multimedia experiences throughout the home.

With devolo Magic, devolo is offering the best of both the WiFi and the Powerline worlds. “As the backbone for high-performance WiFi, Powerline has enormous advantages,” says Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. “Using Powerline as the backbone technology, the signal does not get blocked by ceilings or walls. With this new Powerline generation based on architecture, we advance into an entirely new performance dimension.” Instead of the 1,200 Mbps offered up until now, these new high-end adapters provide data rates up to 2,400 Mbps. Currently, this makes them the fastest Powerline products on the market, giving customers the best possible user experience for all of today’s multimedia applications. And that’s not the whole of it: Because devolo Magic provides resources enough to run the entertainment world of tomorrow. These products make it possible to transmit multiple 4K—or even 8K—videos throughout the home, simultaneously and flawlessly. Data-hungry virtual reality applications and maximum-speed online games are a snap, as is stable access to all cloud-based applications.

All devolo Magic series WiFi adapters offer top-level Mesh-WiFi. And they’re equipped with completely new and improved WiFi functions. “Fast Roaming” ensures all WiFi clients, such as smartphones and tablets, are always connected to the strongest WiFi hotspot. This is especially important when people move from room to room with their mobile devices. “Config Sync” allows the router’s WiFi configuration data to be transferred with ease to all WiFi access points (single SSID). In addition, the new “Airtime Fairness” feature processes the requests of fast WiFi clients at higher priority. This prevents older devices, which may require more time for a download, from creating WiFi bottlenecks. Integrated “Band Steering” ensures that all WiFi clients are automatically assigned to the best wireless channel and the optimum frequency. devolo Magic automatically makes all Mesh-WiFi functions available to its users.

Airthings now monitors indoor air quality

Airthings is no longer just a radon detector company. Rolling out in September, The Airthings Wave Plus is the first wirelessly connected and battery operated complete Indoor Air Quality monitor with Radon detection. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, killing at least 20,000 people in the EU per year. In fact, starting in February 2018, the EU recommends the monitoring of Radon levels in all homes, public spaces and workplaces with the addition of the Basic Safety Standards Directive.

The Airthings complete solution provides homeowners, building managers, and employers with full visibility into six indoor air factors: Radon, carbon dioxide (CO2), airborne chemicals (TVOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure. In addition to an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand app and online dashboard, users can simply wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indicator of the overall Indoor Air Quality.

The free Airthings Dashboard gives users access to interpretations of IAQ data as well as tips to reduce indoor air hazards, optimize ventilation and save energy. With the new addition of outdoor air data, customers gain visibility of the real-time Outdoor Air Quality Index, pollutants, pollen and more, giving them the full picture of both their indoor and outdoor air. Be the hero of your home and office by preventing illness, improving health, increasing productivity, and reducing energy consumption with the Airthings Wave Plus.

Exciting new launch from Blue Microphones at IFA ShowStoppers 2018 

At IFA ShowStopper 2018, Blue Microphones, famed for its 20-years of audio heritage and the world’s #1 USB mics, will launch the newest member of the Blue mic family: Yeti Nano. Renowned for their pro-audio expertise, Blue’s products have been used by some of the most elite global artists, including Bob Dylan, Katy Perry, and Imagine Dragons. 

At this year’s ShowStoppers, Blue will offer an exclusive hands-on experience with Yeti Nano, inspired by the #1 Blue Yeti Microphone. The Yeti Nano is a premium USB mic, designed for broadcast-quality podcasting, YouTube productions, game streaming, Skype/VoIP calls, and Voiceover work. It features legendary Blue sound quality, a compact design, and plug ‘n’ play operation for instant streaming with your PC or Mac. Yeti Nano also comes with the all-new Blue Sherpa companion app, which features quick and direct control options from your desktop to help you get the most from your mic.  

Visitors will also get the opportunity to try Yeticaster, the ultimate desktop broadcast rig, which includes Blue’s recently released boom arm, Compass, with a sleek and quiet design, plus built-in cable management.   

Blue’s other sought-after USB microphones will also be on display alongside Blue’s headphone range. These include Satellite, the first wireless, noise-cancelling headphones with a built-in amp, and two separate pairs of drivers: Ella – the first headphone to combine planar magnetic drivers with the emotional impact of traditional headphones; and Sadie – a headphone that transforms any laptop or portable device into a mobile hi-fi system. 

BISSELL introduces first of its kind multi-surface floor cleaner: CrossWave™ washes, vacuums and dries at the same time

We all want our homes to sparkle. An important part of achieving this is having a spotless floor and fresh smelling rugs, but as our homes can have multiple types of flooring, this can be hard work. You need different products to clean each floor type, and even just finding the space to store all the different machines required can be a challenge. This is where BISSELL comes in!

Introducing the award winning BISSELL CrossWave™, a one-of-a-kind, innovative new floor care appliance that vacuums, washes and helps dry hard floors and rugs – all at the same time. It is the one-stop-shop for all your floor cleaning needs. It washes hard surfaces to a remarkable standard, as the brush roll and multi-surface formula removes dirt and powers through stains and sticky messes for a thorough clean and streak-free result. It can clean rugs too, injecting a solution of warm water and multi-surface cleaner into fibres as the same rotating brush removes dirt and refreshes.

Especially for pet owners there now is the CrossWave Pet Pro, the latest innovation from BISSELL that makes staying on top of pet messes no chore at all. Pet hair, one of the most challenging pet messes to manage, is no match for the tangle-free brush roll that can handle hair up to eight inches long.

Whether you have pets or not, the multi-functional 3-in-1 machine from BISSELL eliminates the need for multiple tools and products, saving you time and money, whilst making the floor cleaning process simple and suitable for the whole household – whichever type of flooring you have.

Award-winning smart toothbrush start-up launches new product

Playbrush is an interactive smart toothbrush that connects via Bluetooth to games on a smartphone or tablet, so children can play fun games with their own brushing movements. Brushing is now entertaining and effective as children collect rewards and detailed feedback with every brush.

Playbrush was initially developed as a manual toothbrush attachment called Playbrush Smart, that transforms any manual toothbrush into a smart interactive toothbrush. Now, launching at IFA 2018, is the Playbrush Smart Sonic. It is an interactive electric toothbrush with extra soft bristles and 17000 strokes per minute. Both the Playbrush Smart and Smart Sonics are 100% designed and built in the EU.

A cleverly designed algorithm measures brushing and ensures that the mouth is cleaned for long enough and thoroughly, and real-time feedback in the form of statistics and a reward system give children extra motivation. The Playbrush app holds 11 games, the toothbrushing coach and the detailed brushing statistics. Children can save the Tooth Fairy, fly aircraft, win dance battles and more – all just by brushing their teeth!

Dr. Paul Ashley, Head of Paediatric Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London said of Playbrush: “It is important that children learn the right brushing technique early. Playbrush is a great way to encourage teeth to be cleaned regularly, at the right speed and area of the mouth. The idea is very clever”.

Playbrush has sold 175,000 Playbrushes across 25 countries since being founded in 2015 and has raised a combined total investment of €3.5 million. Playbrush also has successful partnerships with firms such as Tchibo in Germany, BIPA in Austria and Unilever in France and Germany (Signal) as well as Austria (Mentadent). The product has won numerous awards such as the Health Media Award in 2016 and the Gamification World Award 2015 in the “Best Technological Innovation.”

Royole shows new 3D Virtual Mobile Theatre — the Royale Moon

Royole Corporation, a leading innovator and manufacturer of next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products such as advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices, will be at this year’s Showstoppers event showcasing its new 3D Virtual Mobile Theatre, the Royole Moon, as they expand throughout Europe.

The Royole Moon’s immersive technology creates a cinematic experience that transports users straight into the action of a blockbuster movie, videogame or music, but in a personal, mobile environment.  While viewing through Moon, users get the experience of a giant, scalable curved screen with realistic 3D-effects all generated through unrivaled, proprietary optical system technologies.

With active noise-cancelling headphones, Moon allows for a truly immersive entertainment experience so that users can easily find themselves lost in the drama of their movie or game. Royole Moon features two AMOLED-displays, providing a sensory busting 3000ppi and 1080p resolution for each eye, so users come as close as possible to the experience of sitting in their own private movie theatre.

Introducing SpaceView – our smart way of saving you $$ on wasted space

The office as we know it is likely to disappear. The new generation no longer wants to work from old-style offices with cubicles and gypsum ceiling tiles. They don’t even want to work from the same place every day. Employees move to different types of spaces depending on the type of work they’re doing. Flexible working practices have gone hand-in-hand with the increasing popularity of open-plan offices where employees often hot-desk or work in Wi-Fi-enabled social spaces within the building. Offices are now mostly open-plan, but also include quiet rooms, team rooms, breakout spaces, video conference rooms and quick-meet areas so there is a balance between collaborative spaces and quiet zones for more focused activities.

Last year, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued new lease standards that will impact every business that rents space. It will take effect on December 15th, 2018 (for public companies) and Dec 15, 2019 (for privately held companies). Leases longer than 12 months will need to be listed on the lessee’s balance sheet as both an asset and a liability. Most offices are under-utilised by 25-30% and many companies are unaware about how and when their employees are using office space. Bottom line, when you start a business (especially a small business with a brick-and-mortar storefront), loans are typically involved. With this change in the FASB rules, rent obligations will no longer be considered an expense reported off the balance sheet. As a result, more companies will struggle to build credit since debt ratios will appear inflated. This will encourage companies to optimize their office space.

With over 40% of office desks unutilised, organisations are struggling to understand how to accurately size up their building portfolios and optimise space for increased employee well-being and productivity. Meet SpaceView by Gooee… it delivers real-time and historical KPI’s on headcount, desk usage and space utilisation. enables a ‘Single-Pane’ view of multi-function sensors via a single platform providing companies with the ability to create an overview of their spaces through a combination of different sensors.