Your Key to Capturing Amazing Selfies is with AEE SELFLY Smart Flying Phone Case Camera

Say goodbye once and for all with the ol’ selfie stick! This week in Las Vegas marks the first availability nationwide, online and globally of the much anticipated AEE SELFLY for capturing amazing selfies while on the go.

Launched in partnership with SELFLY Camera Ltd. and global leader in drone and camera technology AEE Aviation Technology, Ltd., the SELFLY ™, a 9.8mm / 0.38″ slim unique flying camera controlled from your smartphone, is now shipping and available worldwide for an expected retail price of $99.   AEE SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera which can double as a smartphone case or be launched from a thin pocket dock so that it is always with you. More convenient and easy to fly than a drone, SELFLY is a remote camera that can be snapped off its case or out of its dock to fly nearly autonomously and give the user options and angles beyond the arm’s length of a selfie stick.  As it hovers in the air, SELFLY waits for commands from your intuitive SELFLY mobile app to capture that perfect image. Serving as “tripod in the air”, SELFLY’s award-winning design is lightweight and portable for capturing instant on-the-go quality selfies.

“We set out to create a new camera concept, one that is always with you, leveraging the best drone technology,” said Hagay Klein, inventor of SELFLY. “Working in the partnership with AEE, a world leader in drone engineering and manufacturing, we’ve accomplished this with SELFLY and I am proud to bring this to market at such an affordable price point.” 

Simply snap AEE SELFLY from its slim case, set it in the air and take the greatest overview shots.  SELFLY boasts “face tracking” where it can sense and follow you for great selfie angles. It has gesture control, optical flow positioning and safe fly features.  It is also equipped with

720P video capability, and two batteries each has a flight time of four minutes with an approximate recharge time of 30 minutes.  SELFLY is now available through www.Selfly.Camera,, at, as well as through other consumer electronics outlets for a suggested retail prices of $99.  For full specs and features, please visit at www.Selfly.Camera.

New wellness app helps recharge the brain

Introducing BrainTap Pro

The BrainTap Pro mobile app is a mind-development tool designed to help users de-stress while achieving physical, mental, and emotional balance. 

The subscription-based app is an all-natural, drug-free solution that guides your mind from awake and reactionary to an intuitive, creative state where super-learning and healing can occur.  Using frequency-following technology as well as guided visualization, the app gives anyone the ability to achieve the mental state they want without years of meditation

Unlike other apps that only focus on one brainwave (such as alpha waves that calm and soothe,) BrainTap is based on the understanding that no complex human task has only one brainwave state but rather a symphony of waves working together.

The BrainTap Pro mobile app takes the user through specially designed programs and offers bundles of sessions customized to specific goals. Whether it is to kickstart your productivity in the morning, alleviate stress after work, unwind before bed, or to recharge and focus midday let BrainTap do it.

Daikin Challenges Status Quo in the HVAC Market

Daikin, the world’s #1 HVAC manufacturer and Air Intelligence™ expert, is up-ending the status quo in the HVAC market with the introduction of the Daikin One+™ smart thermostat. It arrives in a market where HVAC players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies and, until recently, relegated leadership in the smart thermostat category to consumer electronics brands.

Unlike competing consumer devices, the Daikin One+ smart thermostat isn’t just a simple consumer device to turn on/off an HVAC system. It’s the controller and cloud-connected hub for a sophisticated, integrated temperature control + air quality solution that includes an expanding ecosystem of indoor air quality modules that work together seamlessly. 

The Daikin One+ smart thermostat was beautifully crafted and designed in collaboration with one of the consumer electronics industry’s and Silicon Valley’s leading industrial product designers. The system supports Daikin’s vision of creating the most efficient, environment-friendly comfort systems – via air intelligence – and revolutionizing the way people and businesses think about heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Curious about how a Kwilt #PersonalCloud can change your life?

Curious about how a Kwilt #PersonalCloud can change your life? Second-generation #Kwiltdevices store and access digital content effortlessly. Learn more at #ShowStoppersCES.

Yukai shows tail-wagging robotic pillow for people who cannot own a pet

YUKAI showcases Qoobo, a tail-wagging robotic pillow that was recently released to the market.

  • Flexible tail that gently waives when caressed and swings playfully when rubbed.
  • Sometimes wags spontaneously to call the user’s attention.
  • Simple communication method that helps the user develop a sense of bond with the robot.

Qoobo is a robotic pillow with a lifelike tail that makes realistic moves in response to the user’s stroking and rubbing. It is designed to comfort people who cannot own a pet, including allergy sufferers, apartment-dwellers and busy professionals. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2017, it’s now available for purchase in both in the U.S. and Japan

“We are thrilled to present Qoobo after completing delivery to our Kickstarter supporters and those who placed preorders. We have received preorders and inquiries from various types of users, including families of dementia patients and people with pet allergies. I hope Qoobo will bring them a much-needed sense of comfort,” said YUKAI Engineering CEO Shunsuke Aoki. 

OWC (Other World Computing) Takes Mac and PC Performance to Another World at CES 2019

OWC®, a leading zero emissions Mac and PC technology company, will be in attendance at ShowStoppers CES 2019 and displaying the latest storage, connectivity, software and expansion solutions to enable creative professionals, producers, educators and government entities to get the most out of their technology investments, protect valuable digital assets and expand their hardware’s capabilities to keep up with the demands and evolution of their work.

OWC’s newly launched products include:

Envoy Pro EX, Available now on — Envoy Pro EX SSD storage systems, compatible with Mac and Windows PC, for audio, video, design and photography professionals. Sporting an industrial build with no moving parts that meets MIL-STD810G military drop test compliance standards, even without the rugged and durable new bumper added for extreme protection. With a captive Thunderbolt 3 cable and bus-powered simplicity, OWC’s 2019 Envoy Pro EX lineup can go anywhere and take anything. Whether its shooting a live performance, downloading a day’s worth of photos in the desert, or backing up your life’s work, OWC has your back. And with a price point under $500 for a 1TB Thunderbolt SSD, OWC leaves the competition in the dust.

Mercury Helios FX 650, Available now on — Mercury Helios FX 650, a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure that transforms MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac, or any Thunderbolt 3 equipped PC into a high-end graphics processing workstation. Modern software and operating systems utilize the massive power housed in the GPU to enhance the performance that spans across creative workflows. And nowhere is GPU realized more than with applications like high-end graphics programs, video editing suites, VR/AR software and gaming. With the graphics processing possibilities of the Mercury Helios FX 650 combined with choice of GPU, users can experience shorter rendering times, faster video effects, and a brilliant overall user experience.

Also on display will be OWC’s latest lineup of products including, ThunderBlade®, Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock, USB-C Travel Dock and USB-C Dock.

Nanoleaf’s Smart Lights Transform Your Home with Intuitive Touch 

Nanoleaf reveals a brand new Hexagon shape to their line of touch-reactive smart lights. Offering even more options for creativity, the Hexagons create intricate configurations that transform lighting from mundane to masterpieces to be marveled at.

Launched just a month ago, the Nanoleaf Canvas is the first of the company’s intuitive touch lights with a modular LEGO-like setup. We believe in lighting that fits into your life, not the other way around. The Nanoleaf Canvas is a modular smart light that can change, shift and grow with you – ultimately, making your everyday better. With interactive touch technology engineered to react to your unique gestures, touch the Canvas to turn on, off, adjust brightness, activate animations and turn on the music visualizer. Now you can transform the entire ambience of your home with one single touch.

Combining smart controls with a classic edge-lit aesthetic, the thoughtful design of the Nanoleaf Canvas makes it a standalone piece of art that appeals to the senses while making your home more intelligent. With a multi-faceted texture effect, the Canvas’ brilliant crystal-like optics play off of the traditional marble tile – eloquently capturing that elusive human touch often neglected by today’s smart home.

LaMetric unveils SKY – mosaic-styled light panels for mood & motivation

LaMetric, well known for it’s connected smart clock TIME, showcases the prototype of SKY – mosaic own-shaped light panels that are aimed to brighten up a mood with different light effects, decorate the interior with paintings and motivate with social media counters, sales figures and more. The inspiration for mosaic style comes from vintage stained glass. Let’s dig deeper.

A starter pack of LaMetric SKY consists of 8 triangular light panels that can be shaped into a cat, diamond, crown, bird or your own form. Being able to shine in over 16 million colors, the light panels create an additional window with the sky view and fit perfectly into any interior.

Once you have decided on a shape and attached the light panels to the wall, they will display a pixelated color code. All you need to do is scan it using proprietary technology built into the official app to recognize individual panels and assembled shape. Enjoy the SKY effects.

With sunrise, sunset, rainbow, lightning and other effects, you can set different moods for different purposes.  Clouds effect is perfect for work, while sunset is great for relaxing and lightning for home parties.

Being the second product of LaMetric, SKY inherited the best features of its predecessor. It can display adorable pixel faces, that are like painting on the wall and can be changed whenever you want.

As LaMetric TIME, SKY can also show important figures from the Internet and motivate you to move confidently towards your goals. Once you have created an informative screen from the light panels (you will need at least 16 panels), you are able to track how many followers you have on Instagram, a number of subscribers on YouTube, income on PayPal account, get notifications from Smart Home devices and more.


So who is LaMetric SKY aimed at? Well, it’s for anyone who wants to brighten up their space, add more elegance and style to a room, relax, dance, get important info at a glance and be always motivated to achieve new goals.


IMPORTANT: Embargo until 9th January 2019, 9:00 AM PST.

PR contact name: Anastasia Iskovych,


zGlue Introduces Custom Chips on Demand to Take Moore’s Law Beyond the Possibilities of System-on-Chip

ChipBuilder™ Platform empowers individuals to design custom chips in hours and receive samples in weeks.

A key challenge faced by product developers in 2019 is taking new ideas to market as soon as possible. This is the core mission of zGlue, a Silicon Valley company offering custom chips on demand. With an end-to-end methodology for accelerated chip building, zGlue’s process is projected to disrupt the semiconductor industry and make previously complex systems much easier to develop. The process starts with zGlue’s chip design software, ChipBuilder™, enabling users to go from a drawing on a napkin to a routed system in the same business day. Until now, this software has been reserved as an internal tool for zGlue engineers. At CES 2019 zGlue is releasing ChipBuilder to the public as a beta program.

zGlue’s process is built from the ground up to make chip building simple and streamlined. Users can design their own chips by selecting industry standard components from the ChipBuilder library and placing them on a canvas representing zGlue’s Smart Fabric, an active interposer that handles the communication between components in zGlue chips. By simply dragging and dropping components onto the Smart Fabric, users can immediately see a virtual representation of their chip design including a 3D chip model rendered in real time. Today the ChipBuilder library contains a range of 20 different processor, communication, sensor, memory, and battery management products from many top industry vendors including Nordic Semiconductor. An additional 100 are in the qualification pipeline. Once components are selected, users can customize their schematic to produce a design rule correct system which ChipBuilder will automatically route.

Chips designed in ChipBuilder beta will be quickly manufactured through the zGlue shuttle program and be immediately ready for high volume manufacturing at ASE when the customer has qualified their prototypes. Traditional methods for custom chip production can take over a year and cost millions of dollars to get from a specification to packaged chips. Compare this to ChipBuilder designs, which will be manufactured within 1 month at a cost of only thousands of dollars as part of zGlue’s new shuttle program.

The delivered chips will be based on zGlue’s second generation Smart Fabric™, manufactured by partner TSMC. This substrate includes power management, system management, clocking, and self-test capabilities in addition to providing the “glue” that holds and connects the components taken from the ChipBuilder library together. Compared to its predecessor the second generation Smart Fabric supports 60% lower leakage power, a 4x larger (and growing) range of ChipBuilder library components, and 20% better routing density. According to IEEE Spectrum “zGlue’s secret sauce is its use of a silicon substrate, with a grid of fine wires for reprogrammable connections between the chips, and some resistors, capacitors, and gates for built-in power management, system management, and memory.”

Along with samples of their custom chips, customers will receive a software development kit. This kit includes the firmware and software development environment needed to personalize the newly delivered chips and bring the customer’s product to life.

MPOWERD® Launches Its First Smart Solar Light with Luci® Connect

MPOWERD is on a mission to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology and are proud to showcase its first smart solar light at CES ShowStoppers. The Luci Smart Solar Light + Mobile Charger, Luci Connect has launched as an exclusive first-to-market offer with specialty outdoor US retailer REI. The global roll out to the brand’s e-commerce site and other retail partners is scheduled for mid-January 2019.

MPOWERD, maker of the Luci light –  the world’s first inflatable solar light – has ventured into Consumer Electronics with the Luci Connect.  This latest solar product offers Bluetooth connectivity via a mobile application available for iOS and Android mobile devices. As part of the Luci family, Luci Connect harnesses the power of the sun, storing solar energy in a 7.4Wh lithium-ion battery. This innovative light features a two-way USB port for direct and mobile charging. The mobile apps offer unlimited color customization options with an intuitive color wheel, a timer and schedule setting, preset moods plus the ability to create custom moods, along with full control of the light’s brightness, hue, transition speed, and a battery life check.

Aside from the Luci Connect, the company will also be demonstrating the Solar String Lights that launched late 2018, and the full line of award-winning lights for off the grid adventures and home decor. Stop by Exhibit G3 for a sneak preview of innovative smart solar products slated to launch in 2019.