Pigzbe – Cubetto creators & Kano designer launch digital wallet to teach modern money to kids

Today’s children live in a fast-changing financial world. Digital money, contactless payments, in-app purchases and cryptocurrency are all things they need help to understand.

So we created Pigzbe: a ‘piggy-wallet’, not a piggy bank. It helps children 6+ learn how to earn, save, and budget in a digital world.

What is a piggy-wallet? The Pigzbe piggy-wallet is a (very) smart and beautifully designed, handheld home for a child’s digital allowances. Parents use the Pigzbe app to send allowances, set tasks (like ‘Tidy your room’, ‘Clean the dishes), and reward milestones and the child gets notified on their device.

It all runs on Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency, making Pigzbe one of the first ever family products built using the blockchain. When a child reaches a savings goal, they can spend Wollo easily anywhere that takes Visa using our Family Payment Card.

What do kids learn? Lots of parents struggle to talk to their children about finances and worry about passing on bad habits. Pigzbe helps create a more positive family dynamic around money.  Kids learn:

– The value of money
– How to budget
– How to defer gratification
– Saving is fun!
– How to be entrepreneurial
– How to save for things they really want

Who are Pigzbe? Pigzbe was invented by Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Filippo Yacob, Kano computer designer and Pentagram partner Jon Marshall, plus team members ranging from former Apple, Visa, Paypal, and Google employees.

Pigzbe is now live on Kickstarter.