Abbott Talks Revolutionizing Health Tech and the Future of Wearables, Showcasing FreeStyle Libre

Diabetes is a global epidemic, affecting more than 400 million people worldwide and 30+ million people in the United States.  Until recently, these Americans with diabetes woke up every day, stuck their finger, and drew blood to check their glucose levels – sometimes up to 12 times a day. This process is critical to effectively manage the condition and avoid serious health complications. For decades no company was successful in removing this painful process, until Abbott unveiled a breakthrough technology that allows people living with diabetes to finally say goodbye to the hassles of fingersticks, while also receiving the information they need tobetter manage their condition.

The FreeStyle Libre system consists of a reader and small wearable sensor — with a quick scan of the handheld reader or smart phone over the sensor worn on the back of the upper arm, people living with diabetes get an instant snapshot of their current glucose levels and patterns, providing actionable information that empowers them to better manage their health.

Abbott will be showcasing the FreeStyle Libre for media attendees during ShowStoppers at CES on January 8 at the Wynn hotel and will be able to discuss upcoming developments in FreeStyle Libre technology and the importance of digital health. Additionally, Abbott is also hosting a Lunch & Learn on January 9, 12:30 – 1 p.m. at the Venetian during the CES Digital Health Summit. Joel Goldsmith, Senior Director of Innovation and Digital Platforms at Abbott, will be giving attendees a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s doing to transform & up-level the standards in diabetes management.