Arcade1Up Takes You Back To Simpler Days

In a time where flying cars were supposed to exist, people would rather reminisce on the good ol’ days than indulge in futuristic tech. So much so that retro, in the form of entertainment, more specifically, gaming, has come a full circle. In fact, the New York Times positioned Arcade1up as the leader of the retro gaming trend.

Arcade1Up brings back a piece of your childhood in the form of an at-home arcade cabinet. This ¾ scale piece of history (and art) truly acts as a time capsule. It takes you back to a place of simpler times; times where the only worry you had was if you brought enough quarters to beat your friends’ high score on the Street Fighter cabinet at your local arcade. You can bring this home for as low as $299 in a much more space conscience form. You do not need to worry about quarters, a CRT blowing or lugging around a 300lb unit either. Arcade1up boasts crystal clear LCD display and weighs only 63lbs. As stated by Forbes “Modernization done right.”

Fans have proven that they love to collect, play and display.  Enter the space-saving Arcade1Up Countercades and Wallcades coming in 2019 with all your favorite titles.  Arcade1Up continues to innovate and bring the retro gaming experience home. For those with limited square footage, Arcade1Up has two new products designed to leverage the space you have in your home, dorm or office. Wallcades are portable and designed to be hung on a wall or door delivering authentic gameplay and a showpiece that will be the envy of your friends. Countercades are ideal to place on a desk or table top to display and play, the perfect item for those wishing to have a sizable collection. Both are being introduced to make use of empty space while still providing an authentic arcade experience at home. There are plenty of products to choose from – you are bound to find one you and your family will enjoy. For more information, or find where you can buy one, please visit