Be the first to experience the latest robotic toys from HEXBUG for 2019

Optimizing play experience to the maximum while keeping technology at the core, HEXBUG brings you the latest in robotic toys, as a first-time exhibitor at Showstoppers this year. HEXBUG is an industry leader in robotic toys, with a focus on creating toys that let kids play while they learn. Keeping fun at the center of every product, HEXBUG creates captivating toys designed to harness a kids’ natural curiosity and foster that love of learning from cradle to career.

Step into the future with Coco the Monkey – a fully interactive, highly intelligent ape that responds to touch and sound to perform multiple tricks. Not far behind is the HEXBUG Scorpion, with elevated mechanical functions, you will find it scurrying around with a bouncing tail and free swinging claws – sure to stop you in your tracks!

The 2019 range also comprises of some fighting robotic toys to stimulate competitive skills along with team-building through the power of play. The HEXBUG Box Sumo features a range of crazy characters that you’d place in the sumo ring to get a fight going with vibration technology. While the HEXBUG Micro Titans are remote controlled champs designed to spin into fight-mode inside a vortex shaped bowl; generating boosting speed, power punches and overall an action-packed battle.

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