Cortisol levels may stabilize at the push of a button during stressful tasks

Groundbreaking Study to be Revealed at CES 2019

Many new gadgets claim to provide relief from stress. From “pajama belts” to “weighted blankets,” stress tech is flooding the market. While many of these products claim to help promote calm, very few are grounded in science. New results from a triple-blind, placebo-controlled study using TouchPoints neuroscience wearables will be revealed at ShowStoppers at CES.

“We are excited to unveil the results of academic research that shows non-invasive technology can be worn during stressful tasks such as presentations to stabilize cortisol compared with a control group,” said Dr. Amy Serin, neuropsychologist and Chief Science Officer of The TouchPoint Solution. “This could be a game changer for anyone whose stress has ever pushed them out of the zone of performance. If we are stabilizing cortisol, we can reduce inflammation, mental burnout, and essentially enhance performance in real-time without mental rehearsal or cognitive strategies. Being able to use the technology when you give a speech, take a test, or play sports could take performance to the next level.” Dr. Serin developed the technology while working to prevent and treat PTSD in response to global crises and for elite military. Its use has since been expanded to the consumer market.

Entrepreneur Vicki Mayo and Neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin founded TouchPoint Solution in 2015 to create TouchPoints, the first wearables that reduce stress non-invasively and in real-time without the need to stop what you are doing. Published research using TouchPoints shows a reduction in 70% of stress in as few as 30 seconds of use. TouchPoints offer a new era of tech wearables that divert the body’s stress response to improve calm, performance, help with anger management, and even earlier onset of sleep. The company has won the 2018 Brainnovations award for workplace resiliency, 50 most innovative products health and wellness Innovation and Tech Today, a Flinn Bioscience Grant, The Edison Gold Award for health and wellness, Home Shopping Network (HSN) American Dreams Competition, TechCrunch Disrupt Female Founders Award, and Project Entrepreneur. For more information contact or visit The TouchPoint Solution will be offering live brain scans and product demos to show real-time brain changes during use.