Daikin Challenges Status Quo in the HVAC Market

Daikin, the world’s #1 HVAC manufacturer and Air Intelligence™ expert, is up-ending the status quo in the HVAC market with the introduction of the Daikin One+™ smart thermostat. It arrives in a market where HVAC players have been conservative in adopting IoT technologies and, until recently, relegated leadership in the smart thermostat category to consumer electronics brands.

Unlike competing consumer devices, the Daikin One+ smart thermostat isn’t just a simple consumer device to turn on/off an HVAC system. It’s the controller and cloud-connected hub for a sophisticated, integrated temperature control + air quality solution that includes an expanding ecosystem of indoor air quality modules that work together seamlessly. 

The Daikin One+ smart thermostat was beautifully crafted and designed in collaboration with one of the consumer electronics industry’s and Silicon Valley’s leading industrial product designers. The system supports Daikin’s vision of creating the most efficient, environment-friendly comfort systems – via air intelligence – and revolutionizing the way people and businesses think about heating, ventilation and air conditioning.