Drop the Mic (in beer)! Vesper microphones make smart speakers (and the new simplehuman trash can) smarter


Vesper is an Alexa Fund startup producing microphones the size of a thumbtack but making some major noise. In fact, it’s the most change the mic industry has seen in 50 years. 

Ever wonder what makes smart speakers so smart?

Built for voice-enabled connected devices like smart speakers, touch-free garbage cans that respond to our voice, and even cars that predict engine failure, Boston-based Vesper makes the only microphones/sensors that don’t degrade over time—piezoelectric MEMS mics. In fact, its microphones will be embedded in the upgraded voice-activated, touch-free smart trash can from luxury housewares supplier, simplehuman. Vesper’s microphones will drastically enhance the can’s voice recognition, enabling accurate voice commands from afar.

Because of their ruggedness, dust, particles, oil, chemicals, and EVEN BEER have zero impact on microphone performance. Yes, even beer – come try it at our booth. The microphones allow batteries to last longer due to its ZeroPower Listening ™, since it consumes virtually no power until turned on via a wake-word like ‘Open Can’ or ‘Alexa’.

Don’t just take our word for it; Amazon has endorsed Vesper’s mics via Amazon Alexa Fund funding and a blog post to sing piezoelectric praises. Vesper has $46M in funding behind them to date.