First Look! GAEMS Unveils the All-New Guardian and Sentinel Personal Gaming Environments at ShowStoppers 2019

Discover what it truly means to have uncompromising gaming independence with a home theater gaming experience ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Sharing the interactive world of Red Dead Redemption 2 on your console with your friends in FULL HD with brilliant IPS color and stereo sound is now just as easy as playing a turn in Words with Friends on your phone. Imagine this same freedom to create your own livestream experience from anywhere as well!

That day is today! GAEMS pioneered portable console gaming, and in 2019 GAEMS is launching two new products: GAEMS Sentinel, the 17” FHD IPS evolution of Personal Gaming Environments, and the all-new GAEMS Guardian, the revolutionary 24” product for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators alike with its dedicated HDMI output and mounting system for livestreaming gear! Both systems feature integrated anti-glare monitors, patented TSA-friendly hard-shell protective designs and the GAEMS pedigree. The Sentinel and Guardian are compatible with PlayStation®, Nintendo®, Xbox®, PC and mobile systems.

Whether you’re a professional streamer, an esports athlete, or just refuse to compromise your gaming experience on the go, the GAEMS Sentinel and Guardian provide the ultimate solution. Because it is 2019 and serious gamers shouldn’t leave their favorite gaming experiences in the living room! Come be the first to see the GAEMS Guardian and Sentinel at GAEMS at Showstoppers 2019.