Gardena smart system now works with Apple HomeKit and IFTTT

With support for Apple HomeKit and IFTTT launched at CES 2019, the Smart Home now extends to your Smart Garden and connects with your favorite applications and devices to make sure your plants get all the care they need. With Gardena smart system, irrigation and lawn care can be conveniently controlled via app anytime, anywhere. This saves time and your own garden is always well looked after.

Hey Siri, please water my garden!

With an automated garden irrigation, you can save time, get healthier plants and a richer harvest of fruit and vegetables. And at the same time, you use the precious resource water as efficiently as possible. From now on smart Water Control, smart Irrigation Control, smart Sensor and smart Power by Gardena work with Apple HomeKit. This is also true for already owned devices as the integration is enabled by a free update of the firmware only.

If this, then that – connecting your favorite things

Users of the free platform IFTTT can now connect Gardena smart system with their favorite supported apps and devices. Even whole chains of actions are possible. Through these connections, users can create unlimited functions. To help users get started, Gardena created some practical connections involving popular services on the platform. User can turn on these connections immediately or adapt them to suit their individual needs.

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