Is Someone Listening In On Your Private Conversations?

Many smart speaker owners are increasingly concerned about privacy in their living rooms, offices and bedrooms.  While this is a valid worry, the Mute+ ™ from Smartē™ is the answer!  Launching at CES 2019, Mute+ provides a simple privacy solution by easily connecting right on top of select Amazon Echo, Echo Plus or Echo Dot smart speakers in order to create an extra layer of trusted protection to enhance a consumer’s experience.

Smartē’s proprietary technology temporarily blocks any noise near or far from the smart speakers’ microphones and the lighted privacy timer can be set for up to an hour at a time.  The portable, battery operated Mute+  fits easily on top of the smart speaker and can be left there without any audio or visual speaker interference and turned on only when you need it.  The durable, sleek design coordinates with most décor and provides a fun way to accessorize or personalize your smart speaker.

The Mute+  will be available at as well as other select online and brick and mortar retailers in February 2019.  Smartē is a division of TOSECH LLC, a dynamic company powered by a team determined to re-imagine the ordinary through insights, innovation, creativity and product narrative to deliver savvy home and life upgrades in a variety of mundane consumer segments.