The startup aiming to make security accessible to anyone with a smartphone is gearing up to launch five new products throughout the first half of 2019. Adding to its namesake app and motion sensor, Kangaroo plans to launch a motion and entry sensor, siren and keypad, climate sensor, smoke alarm and security camera. Professional monitoring by emergency first responders will still be $9/month with no contract or cancellation fees.

The expanded product line will maintain the intelligent, essentials-only architecture and affordable price point of the original Kangaroo motion sensor. Additional products will also have the same app-based controls and forever-free self-monitoring option. Pre-packaged bundles will also be available for homeowners looking to kickstart their Kangaroo system for the lowest price.

Kangaroo continues to offer the lowest-cost monitoring plans and customizable options for homeowners and renters alike. No hardhats, no headaches, and never a contract or cancellation fee – everything Kangaroo is starts with what it isn’t. The new line is set to roll out throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2019.