LaMetric unveils SKY – mosaic-styled light panels for mood & motivation

LaMetric, well known for it’s connected smart clock TIME, showcases the prototype of SKY – mosaic own-shaped light panels that are aimed to brighten up a mood with different light effects, decorate the interior with paintings and motivate with social media counters, sales figures and more. The inspiration for mosaic style comes from vintage stained glass. Let’s dig deeper.

A starter pack of LaMetric SKY consists of 8 triangular light panels that can be shaped into a cat, diamond, crown, bird or your own form. Being able to shine in over 16 million colors, the light panels create an additional window with the sky view and fit perfectly into any interior.

Once you have decided on a shape and attached the light panels to the wall, they will display a pixelated color code. All you need to do is scan it using proprietary technology built into the official app to recognize individual panels and assembled shape. Enjoy the SKY effects.

With sunrise, sunset, rainbow, lightning and other effects, you can set different moods for different purposes.  Clouds effect is perfect for work, while sunset is great for relaxing and lightning for home parties.

Being the second product of LaMetric, SKY inherited the best features of its predecessor. It can display adorable pixel faces, that are like painting on the wall and can be changed whenever you want.

As LaMetric TIME, SKY can also show important figures from the Internet and motivate you to move confidently towards your goals. Once you have created an informative screen from the light panels (you will need at least 16 panels), you are able to track how many followers you have on Instagram, a number of subscribers on YouTube, income on PayPal account, get notifications from Smart Home devices and more.


So who is LaMetric SKY aimed at? Well, it’s for anyone who wants to brighten up their space, add more elegance and style to a room, relax, dance, get important info at a glance and be always motivated to achieve new goals.


IMPORTANT: Embargo until 9th January 2019, 9:00 AM PST.

PR contact name: Anastasia Iskovych,