MicroVision Unveils Interactive Display Engine and Consumer LiDAR Engine

MicroVision Inc., a leader in innovative laser beam scanning technology for projection display and sensing, is pleased to unveil its new interactive display engine and consumer 3D  LiDAR engine.

Interactive Display Engine

The company’s Interactive Display PicoP® Scanning Engine provides an integrated solution of projected display and interactivity in a single module for smart speakers and products connected to AI platforms. This complete solution of hardware, software, and machine learning at the edge delivers a unique experience with its large, on-demand interactive display.

MicroVision’s technology enables superb interactivity for AI connected devices. This allows for a more natural user experience by adding sight, touch, and gesture to existing voice interactions.

Consumer LiDAR

Setting the bar for a new class of compact, mid-range, smart depth sensors, MicroVision will also showcase its Consumer 3D LiDAR at CES. This solution enables new product offerings in indoor home automation, security, and navigation by giving AI-enabled applications and services the ability to perceive environments accurately with low latency and high spatial resolution over the entire range of operation, especially in sensors of this size and cost.

To learn more, please visit www.microvision.com