Moasure ONE, the world’s first motion-measuring tool

Moasure’s patented technology uses motion to make measurements, leveraging inertial sensors and a proprietary algorithm to deliver an innovative new way to measure.

Founded in 2014 in Warwick, UK, Moasure has successfully launched a smartphone App, allowing users to leverage the sensors in their smartphone to take measurements, by simply moving their phone.

More recently, in 2018 Moasure have developed and successfully crowdfunded the Moasure ONE, the world’s first motion-based measuring tool. Moasure ONE is built using the latest accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers and can accurately measure volume, area, circumference, height, angle, level and more by simply moving from one point to another.

Moasure ONE will be officially launched at CES 2019, visit the Moasure Team and experience the future of measuring at Booth 51441 on the Great Britain Pavilion, Eureka Park, Sands Expo.

Download the Moasure App now to experience the future of measuring.