Mycroft Mark II: The Open Source, Privacy focused speaker takes on Eavesdropping Alexa

Mycroft’s new voice assistant, the Mark II, stands out from the competition due to its Open Source platform.  Open Source allows for public accessibility, modification and the ability to be shared by everyone.  Open Source projects, products or initiatives embrace principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and o-oriented development.  Programmers and non-programmers alike benefit from Open Source technology.

The Mark II has been integrated with machine and deep learning in order to create an assistant that learns and improves over time.  As soon as an interaction is complete, data is deleted unless the user has explicitly stated they wish to Opt-In to share data to Mycroft’s Open Dataset.  Voice data is never stored or sold to outside entities that generate targeted advertisements based on your interactions.  The open software of the Mark II allows anyone to inspect the code and evaluate exactly what is being done with user data.

“Personal privacy is at the top of everyone’s list of concerns for this new category of technology that literally listens to your every word.  However, consumers have had no option to join the voice revolution without compromising themselves,” said Steve Penrod, CTO of Mycroft. “Mycroft and the Mark II will be the first viable platform that puts the individual’s privacy concerns first.  Our mission is to enhance privacy with our technology, not subvert it — unlike the main players whose businesses are built around reselling information about their customers.”