Next Gen. “4D Gravity” Drone wins CEATEC JAPAN AWARD 2018

The 4D Gravity equipped on Next VR is groundbreaking as the drone industry has always relied on the evolution of software instead of hardware. As the drone’s mounting section does not influence the rotors (flight section), both fuel efficiency and mobility are improved, while stress on parts and reliability of the airframe are reduced.

What’s more, the drone’s improved wind resistance helps to reduce the risk of crashing. In addition to improving the basic performance of the drone, Next VR is capable of challenging tasks such as separating the camera position (Next INDUSTRY) or carrying a package without tilting (Next DELIVERY). A drone equipped with 4D Gravity will offer performance far exceeding that of conventional models, and will have the potential of being utilized in industrial applications on a global scale. Next VR will play a symbolic role as a drone equipped with 4D Gravity.

Selection and appraisals:

Aeronext”s unique control technoloty “4D Gravity,” comprised of an inserted gimbal structure that connects the mounting section and flight section, realizes independent control where the tilt and posture of the flying section does not affect the mounting section. This technology is anticipated to broaden industrial applications and develop new markets, which are currently limited, because the mounting section is always kept level, thereby improving reliability and safety.