ONANOFF solves StudyPhones for educational & professional spoken audio

StudyPhones are a solution for educational and modern workplace listeners that contain ONANOFF’s award-winning technology and key DNA elements of durability and safety. Constructed to fit both kids and adults alike, StudyPhones are the first headphones designed specifically for a growing demographic of listeners who rely on headphones to consume primarily spoken audio content in educational or professional settings. They are designed from the highest caliber materials to provide added comfort and superior audio quality that is ideal for listeners in school or at the workplace, whether that be at a coffee shop, shared work space or even on a daily commute.

StudyPhones Key Features:

  • StudyMode Setting: Engineered with specific tuning and passive noise cancellation to remove distracting sounds and deliver crisper, clearer vocal audio and minimize listening fatigue during long work or study sessions.
  • Built In Multi-Directional Mic: Includes an enhanced voice (or talking) mode featuring a built-in directional microphone for optimal phone call clarity.
  • Comfort and Quality: Plush foam over-ear pads provide a perfect seal, allowing for comfortable listening for long periods of time while assisting in passive noise cancellation. StudyPhones’ over-ear pads are also removable and washable for easy cleaning.
  • Call and Track Control: Fully control your device using the built in, multi-purpose button to easily manage phone calls and music.

Price: $49.99

Launch Date: Q2 2019