Preventing home invasions, shouldn’t require one … Point, the camera-free smart home alarm

Our idea is simple, help people create a feeling of wellness and comfort at home, for themselves and their families. We believe that by connecting existing communities with cutting-edge technology, we can enable people to look after each other without compromising their privacy. That’s why we created Point.

The Point smart home alarm from Minut makes home security more accessible, but less intrusive. Traditional home alarms require multiple sensors, cameras, professional installation and long commitments. Point is an all-in-one connected device that monitors multiple elements in your home, including motion, noise and humidity, so you can monitor the health and safety of your home, anywhere, anytime. If anything out of the ordinary happens you’ll receive an instant notification, you can even create a network of friends and family who will also be notified, just in case you’re not around. Easy to self-install, and portable if you move home, Point is perfect for every home, no matter the size.

Point combines this technology with beautiful design and everyday practicality at a fraction of the cost of other home security offerings. Our products are currently being sold all over the world, and as a young company we’ve found that the best way to improve is to listen, and we’re lucky to have thousands of supportive users in over 60 countries who ensure we stay on the right path, and this is only the beginning.