The LetsPlott Platform Takes a Home Improvement Project from Idea, To Virtual, To Reality

Plott’s award-winning Extended Reality (XR) Platform known as “LetsPlott” allows users to conceptualize, design and measure in the AR virtual world, then bring their vision to life with actionable, turn-by-turn directions by making the designs actionable for real world creations. The LetsPlott Platform eliminates the headaches and hassle of measurements and calculations, making it the perfect tool for everyone from the rookie to the veteran DIYer, and allowing more time for transforming ideas into reality.  Simply measure and design in the Lets Plott app and the integrated Cubit or Carta hardware will guide users to precise, real world points to complete their project.

Why Plott?:

  • The Virtual: The LetsPlott app allows user to quickly and easily measure, then import dimensions into an AR design space where they can customize their project. Using these real world measurements and imagery, Users can see exactly how a project will look before building it.
  • The Reality: After conceptualizing, measuring and designing in AR, the Plott hardware gives turn-by-turn directions to real world points, guided by a virtual layout that assists in transforming the finalized design into a physical project in any space.
  • The Ultimate Home Improvement Tools: 80% of first time DIYers fail to measure accurately on their first attempt and simply do not want to pursue another project. The LetsPlott Platform eliminates that burden and provides hyper accurate calculations that seamlessly transition from the digital space to the real world.

Lets Plott Together:

  • Open up the LetsPlott app
  • Add a background using AR or use any Plott hardware in conjunction with your phone’s camera
  • Add objects by AR Camera and utilizing the measuring features found on the Plott hardware
  • Virtually design the space within the app to see exactly how the project will look beforehand
  • Hit Guide and follow the turn-by-turn arrows to real world coordinates

The Hardware:

  • Cubit: The ultimate indoor home improvement tool, Cubit measures a room with its dual axis lasers and measurement wheel for irregular objects and imports the data into the LetsPlott app. Ready to bring the project into the real world? Cubit provides turn-by-turn directions to the exact points with zero calculations needed.

Cubit MSRP: $99                                                         

Launch Date: March 2019


  • Carta: The first measurement wheel to virtually map any space, Carta draws the path users walk in real time over imported images, blueprints, and satellite images. Add notes, images, and videos to a project to create a control center for any project, all on a mobile device. When finished mapping out a project, revisit points to build or plan with Carta’s guidance mode.


            Carta MSRP:$150

Launch Date: Q3