Webroot WiFi Security – is your data showing?

You know the nightmare. You’re standing in front of a crowd about to give a big presentation when suddenly the audience bursts out laughing, pointing at you and you realize… your data is showing 😳.

Information is one your most valuable resources, and cybercriminals sniff for data more excitedly than a Labradoodle investigating a garbage can. Finally, you can work, share, bank and browse on any device, over any internet connection (including public Wi-Fi), knowing that your personal data and session information are private and secure. With no data limit or activity log, you can trust Webroot WiFi Security won’t store sensitive info or slow down your device.

Whether you’re online shopping and want to protect credit card transactions, need help steering clear of malicious websites or just don’t love the idea of an ISP selling your browsing history to advertisers, Webroot WiFi Security and our award-winning 24/7 customer support team has you, and your data, covered.