Yubico Introduces the Security Key NFC at ShowStoppers

Today, we are launching our next-generation security key, the Security Key NFC by Yubico. The Security Key NFC is our newest addition to our distinctive blue Security Key Series, offering  NFC (near-field communication) for tap-and-go authentication over the FIDO U2F and FIDO2/WebAuthn protocols. This new key can be used for a secure login on a computer (via USB) or on a supported mobile device (via NFC), enabling a simple and seamless user experience for strong multi-factor, two-factor (2FA), and single-factor passwordless authentication.

The Security Key NFC is the latest hardware authenticator from Yubico and it’s built to last. It’s made in the USA and Sweden with reinforced fiberglass that is hermetically sealed and injection molded into a monolithic block, delivering unparalleled physical durability.

Hardware authenticators remove the dependency on cumbersome and less secure SMS or mobile app authentication techniques. The Security Key NFC enforces asymmetric public key cryptography-based account login, all with the simple touch or tap of the device. The public key is stored with the service, and the private key is stored with the security key — never leaving the device — which means there are no shared secrets between services.

Today, the Security Key NFC works out of the box with hundreds of services already supporting FIDO U2F and FIDO2 authentication protocols: including Microsoft (for passwordless login), Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, a growing list of password managers, and many more FIDO2 and U2F compatible services. We also offer the Yubico Developer Program, with resources to enable rapid integration of strong FIDO-based authentication into web and mobile applications to support Yubico security keys.

The Security Key NFC by Yubico is available beginning today for $27 at the Yubico online store.