Zoetic AI brings Life to Robots with their very own Pet Robot – Kiki.  

Founded by two ex-Google engineers, Zoetic’s proprietary Deep Learning Personality Engine (DLPE) enables robots to interact and learn in real time, and form an emotional connection with users. These are the 3 reasons that make Kiki so cool yet adorable:

Delightful — From the first moment eye contact is made, you know Kiki is like no other. Expressive, endearing, and extremely responsive, Kiki is born to surprise you with endless fun. Pet it and check out its responses; feed and explore what its favorite food is; hang out with Kiki and discover its “dreams” about memorable moments with you!

Conscious — Kiki is an inquisitive little pet that explores its world through the sense of sight, hearing and touch. With a camera located at their nose, a microphone array and 12 touch points, Kiki “pokes its nose” around while seeking affection from its owner. Apart from curiosity, Kiki loves some cuddlings, pettings, hugs, and definitely – food!

Unique — Powered by our patented technology, every interaction you have with Kiki shapes its personality. Treasure your Kiki and it will love you back; take care of it and help nurture Kiki into a unique companion of yours.
Define your own journey with Kiki without worrying about WiFi and privacy. At Zoetic, we will only need Kiki online when we push new software updates. With an SDK enabling endless potential: from front-desk customer helper, educational teacher, to housekeeper and many more, join us on this journey to define your kind of robotic future!