MicroVision Unveils Interactive Display Engine and Consumer LiDAR Engine

MicroVision Inc., a leader in innovative laser beam scanning technology for projection display and sensing, is pleased to unveil its new interactive display engine and consumer 3D  LiDAR engine.

Interactive Display Engine

The company’s Interactive Display PicoP® Scanning Engine provides an integrated solution of projected display and interactivity in a single module for smart speakers and products connected to AI platforms. This complete solution of hardware, software, and machine learning at the edge delivers a unique experience with its large, on-demand interactive display.

MicroVision’s technology enables superb interactivity for AI connected devices. This allows for a more natural user experience by adding sight, touch, and gesture to existing voice interactions.

Consumer LiDAR

Setting the bar for a new class of compact, mid-range, smart depth sensors, MicroVision will also showcase its Consumer 3D LiDAR at CES. This solution enables new product offerings in indoor home automation, security, and navigation by giving AI-enabled applications and services the ability to perceive environments accurately with low latency and high spatial resolution over the entire range of operation, especially in sensors of this size and cost.

To learn more, please visit www.microvision.com

Meet Ośe: the Robotic, Hands-Free Sex Tech Putting Blended Orgasms within Reach

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run sex tech brand that is set to revolutionize pleasure as we know it, making hands-free blended orgasms a right rather than a reach. Using advanced microrobotic technology engineered in a leading university laboratory, Lora DiCarlo has developed its first product, Osé, set to hit the market in the second quarter of 2019. 

Founder and CEO Lora Haddock spent three years researching and designing Ośe based on anatomical data from hundreds of women, as well the physiological analysis of orgasms. Ośe uses biomimicry and microrobotics to recreate all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue, and finger for an experience that feels just like a real partner. The product even adjusts to each body’s unique physiology for a personal fit that hits all the right spots and leaves the hands free for better uses.

Showstoppers attendees will be treated to an early look at what will be one of this year’s most anticipated product releases in a soon-to-be $50 billion market. Get a sneak-peek at Osé, learn about the blended orgasm and meet the nearly all-women team that develop the concepts and technology at Lora DiCarlo. 

For more information on Lora Dicaro visit: www.loradicarlo.com

First Orion Previews Call Enhancement & Anti-Spoofing Technology for Large Enterprises and Carriers

No, it’s not just you, the number of spam calls is drastically increasing with no end in sight. After an analysis of 50 billion phone calls over an 18 month period, First Orion predicts that nearly half of all mobile calls will be from scammers early next year. That’s right, every other call you get could be from a fraudster trying to dupe you and get hold of your personal information. Stop by First Orion at ShowStoppers to learn what you and the industry can do to combat it.

First Look! GAEMS Unveils the All-New Guardian and Sentinel Personal Gaming Environments at ShowStoppers 2019

Discover what it truly means to have uncompromising gaming independence with a home theater gaming experience ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Sharing the interactive world of Red Dead Redemption 2 on your console with your friends in FULL HD with brilliant IPS color and stereo sound is now just as easy as playing a turn in Words with Friends on your phone. Imagine this same freedom to create your own livestream experience from anywhere as well!

That day is today! GAEMS pioneered portable console gaming, and in 2019 GAEMS is launching two new products: GAEMS Sentinel, the 17” FHD IPS evolution of Personal Gaming Environments, and the all-new GAEMS Guardian, the revolutionary 24” product for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators alike with its dedicated HDMI output and mounting system for livestreaming gear! Both systems feature integrated anti-glare monitors, patented TSA-friendly hard-shell protective designs and the GAEMS pedigree. The Sentinel and Guardian are compatible with PlayStation®, Nintendo®, Xbox®, PC and mobile systems.

Whether you’re a professional streamer, an esports athlete, or just refuse to compromise your gaming experience on the go, the GAEMS Sentinel and Guardian provide the ultimate solution. Because it is 2019 and serious gamers shouldn’t leave their favorite gaming experiences in the living room! Come be the first to see the GAEMS Guardian and Sentinel at GAEMS at Showstoppers 2019.


Arcade1Up Takes You Back To Simpler Days

In a time where flying cars were supposed to exist, people would rather reminisce on the good ol’ days than indulge in futuristic tech. So much so that retro, in the form of entertainment, more specifically, gaming, has come a full circle. In fact, the New York Times positioned Arcade1up as the leader of the retro gaming trend.

Arcade1Up brings back a piece of your childhood in the form of an at-home arcade cabinet. This ¾ scale piece of history (and art) truly acts as a time capsule. It takes you back to a place of simpler times; times where the only worry you had was if you brought enough quarters to beat your friends’ high score on the Street Fighter cabinet at your local arcade. You can bring this home for as low as $299 in a much more space conscience form. You do not need to worry about quarters, a CRT blowing or lugging around a 300lb unit either. Arcade1up boasts crystal clear LCD display and weighs only 63lbs. As stated by Forbes “Modernization done right.”

Fans have proven that they love to collect, play and display.  Enter the space-saving Arcade1Up Countercades and Wallcades coming in 2019 with all your favorite titles.  Arcade1Up continues to innovate and bring the retro gaming experience home. For those with limited square footage, Arcade1Up has two new products designed to leverage the space you have in your home, dorm or office. Wallcades are portable and designed to be hung on a wall or door delivering authentic gameplay and a showpiece that will be the envy of your friends. Countercades are ideal to place on a desk or table top to display and play, the perfect item for those wishing to have a sizable collection. Both are being introduced to make use of empty space while still providing an authentic arcade experience at home. There are plenty of products to choose from – you are bound to find one you and your family will enjoy. For more information, or find where you can buy one, please visit www.arcade1up.com

beyerdynamic Raises the Bar for Every Application of Consumer Audio

beyerdynamic will emphasize products featuring MOSAYC sound personalization by Mimi Defined™, a unique, innovative technology that tailors a set of headphones to the listener’s individual needs by assessing their hearing and adapting to the results. beyerdynamic will showcase the LAGOON ANC, featuring customized sound and active noise cancelling; new gaming headphones, TYGR 300 R with USB microphone FOX; and BYRDLAND family, covering more compact designs.

beyerdynamic’s LAGOON ANC revolutionizes wireless audio with the unique combination of robust active noise cancellation technology matched with versatile MOSAYC sound personalization. Meanwhile, beyerdynamic’s TYGR 300 R is the ultimate gaming headphone with adjustable yokes and a spring steel headband to adapt to any head size. Paired with the TYGR 300 R, the FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone creates a breathtaking gaming experience.

beyerdynamic’s Soul BYRD, included in the BYRDLAND family, is a multi-functional, robust headset with extra flat in-ear design and powerful sound spectrum. The ergonomically shaped housing creates a secure and snug in-ear fit and, combined with the flat shaped housing, the in-ear headset is ideal for relaxing or sleeping without any discomfort. The Soul BYRD, along with the entire BYRDLAND family, will be showcased in South Hall 1 – 20654 during CES 2019 in Las Vegas from January 8 – 11, 2019.

Personalize IT: Humanscale Shows User-Centric IT Solutions at CES

Amidst a sea of AI and automation, Humanscale is focusing on (dare we say it) people and the human experience at CES. The booth will feature a myriad of user-centric IT solutions that tailor to individual work styles and preferences for more personalized work spaces. Visit us at ShowStoppers to see how we’re “personalizing IT” with the following products:


Our technology integrated tools, including M/Power and our M/Connect series of docking stations, are designed to adapt to the latest workstations and support users for years to come. Get a first look at M/Connect 3, the latest addition to the M/Connect product line, at CES 2019.

Monitor Arms                                                                       

M/Flex and our revolutionary new M2.1, M8.1 and M10 monitor arms are flexible and can be personalized to suit today’s evolving workspace. The new monitor arms also feature our patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and our patent pending Smart Stop functionality.


Humanscale’s sit/stand solutions — QuickStand Eco and Float — transform ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.

Learn more about Humanscale at CES at www.humanscale.com/ces2019.

Soma Debuts SOMAINNOFIT, a Revolutionary Way to Help Women Find Their Best Bra Fit

Soma® is reshaping the bra fit experience with the launch of SOMAINNOFITTM — a first of its kind innovation designed to calculate a woman’s perfect bra fit. In a culture that adores personalization, about seventy five percent of women unknowingly wear the incorrect bra size. With SOMAINNOFIT, this statistic can now change for women across the country in a matter of seconds.

Be the first to witness SOMAINNOFIT in action. Partnering with Like a Glove to implement their patented measurement technology, SOMAINNOFIT offers a personalized experience in an easy, four-step process. With four lines of circuitry that circle the body, the bra calculates the user’s perfect fit and connects to the SOMAINNOFIT proprietary app, available for free download in the Apple and Google app stores, which instantly captures the results and recommends an exclusively curated selection of Soma bras in the styles and size that will ensure her best fit, all shoppable right in the app.

With no tape or fit quiz required, the SOMAINNOFIT bra removes the guesswork involved in bra shopping. It’s all part of Soma’s longstanding commitment to provide women with powerful solutions, uncompromising comfort and a perfect fit to help them look and feel their best, liberating strength and confidence. The future of the perfect bra fit is here.

Preventing home invasions, shouldn’t require one … Point, the camera-free smart home alarm

Our idea is simple, help people create a feeling of wellness and comfort at home, for themselves and their families. We believe that by connecting existing communities with cutting-edge technology, we can enable people to look after each other without compromising their privacy. That’s why we created Point.

The Point smart home alarm from Minut makes home security more accessible, but less intrusive. Traditional home alarms require multiple sensors, cameras, professional installation and long commitments. Point is an all-in-one connected device that monitors multiple elements in your home, including motion, noise and humidity, so you can monitor the health and safety of your home, anywhere, anytime. If anything out of the ordinary happens you’ll receive an instant notification, you can even create a network of friends and family who will also be notified, just in case you’re not around. Easy to self-install, and portable if you move home, Point is perfect for every home, no matter the size.

Point combines this technology with beautiful design and everyday practicality at a fraction of the cost of other home security offerings. Our products are currently being sold all over the world, and as a young company we’ve found that the best way to improve is to listen, and we’re lucky to have thousands of supportive users in over 60 countries who ensure we stay on the right path, and this is only the beginning.  

Omnicharge launches Omni Mobile power banks

Omnicharge, a market leader in reliable and smart portable power, is announcing the launch of its newest product line on Indiegogo, the Omni Mobile – a brand new line of portable power banks for your laptops and mobile devices. Following its past successes in crowdfunding, raising nearly $5 million and shipping products to over 30,000 backers, Omnicharge is back with a fresh new product line.

With models available for both your mobile devices and laptops, the Mobile line has something for everyone. With the higher end models, you can power your laptop through either USB-C or DC output, and charge your phone with wireless charging. Capable of powering up to a 15″ MacBook Pro, this is the perfect power companion for the modern day professional.

The smaller pocket-sized models include features like fast charging for both USB-A and USB-C. With their small and compact form factor, these power banks fit in any pocket and provide plenty of power for all your mobile devices. 

Learn more at https://www.omnicharge.co/products/mobile-series/