Meet Backpack-Sized Digital Guitar Jammy

What makes the Jammy guitar by RnD64 stand out from the crowd, is its detachable neck that allows for the best playability-to-portability ratio there is. At only 17″ long when disassembled, Jammy fits into most any backpack and complies with the airlines carry-on regulations. At the same time, its 15-frets neck is suitable to play 70% of the rock hit-songs, being the sure bet for those craving some quality playing on a business trip or vacation.

Jammy’s 1/8″ and a 1/4″ jacks allow to stick in the regular earphones or plug the guitar straight into an amp. The audio signal is generated and processed entirely on board – a bunch of guitar tones and FX presets are available for the user with Jammy only, no smartphone or tablet needed. The Jammy is equipped with the adjustable tension interchangeable steel strings. It emulates different guitar techniques like bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, etc.

Jammy can be used as a sampler or a MIDI controller via USB-C or Bluetooth. It’s an appropriate option for guitarists who want to broaden their horizons delving into electronic music, but don’t feel comfortable with keyboards. Jammy is compatible with GarageBand, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cakewalk, and other DAWs. Its Auto-Recording feature caches everything the user plays on a special built-in memory unit and allows to retrieve the user’s sessions in a 48-hour period.

Although totally autonomous, Jammy can be also used with a free companion app for iOS and Android that widens the guitar’s capacities. The Jammy mobile app allows to use the metronome, switch the guitar type, change the tuning. It offers a bunch of backing tracks in different genres to jam along to.

Jammy has raised more than $220,000 USD during its Indiegogo campaign. The team shipped the first batch of the guitars to beta-testers in December 2018 and will start worldwide shipping at the beginning of 2019 at the estimated price of $399 (guitar, strap, soft case, USB-C cable + detachable frame). The Jammy guitars are available for pre-order at

Next Gen. “4D Gravity” Drone wins CEATEC JAPAN AWARD 2018

The 4D Gravity equipped on Next VR is groundbreaking as the drone industry has always relied on the evolution of software instead of hardware. As the drone’s mounting section does not influence the rotors (flight section), both fuel efficiency and mobility are improved, while stress on parts and reliability of the airframe are reduced.

What’s more, the drone’s improved wind resistance helps to reduce the risk of crashing. In addition to improving the basic performance of the drone, Next VR is capable of challenging tasks such as separating the camera position (Next INDUSTRY) or carrying a package without tilting (Next DELIVERY). A drone equipped with 4D Gravity will offer performance far exceeding that of conventional models, and will have the potential of being utilized in industrial applications on a global scale. Next VR will play a symbolic role as a drone equipped with 4D Gravity.

Selection and appraisals:

Aeronext”s unique control technoloty “4D Gravity,” comprised of an inserted gimbal structure that connects the mounting section and flight section, realizes independent control where the tilt and posture of the flying section does not affect the mounting section. This technology is anticipated to broaden industrial applications and develop new markets, which are currently limited, because the mounting section is always kept level, thereby improving reliability and safety. 

DFree – First Health Tech Wearable Device for Incontinence Monitors Bladder and Notifies You When It’s Time to Go to the Bathroom

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, urinary incontinence affects 500 million people worldwide. Triple W is tackling bladder control with a new approach! Seniors and people with disability who need to manage a loss of bladder control now have an alternative to disposable diapers or pads and medications with the DFree wearable health device from Triple W. DFree stands for “diaper-free.” DFree uses ultrasound technology to prevent bladder accidents.

Customers now have the option to rent or purchase DFree from the company’s website or purchase it from Amazon or through one of Triple W’s authorized resellers. The lightweight and portable DFree device may be discreetly clipped on your belt or clothing while the non-invasive ultrasound sensor is secured to the lower abdomen with medical tape. The sensor uses non-harmful ultrasound technology to monitor the change in bladder size and predicts urination timing using a patented algorithm. DFree connects via Bluetooth® to a smartphone or tablet and sends notifications via the DFree app (available on App Store and Google Play) — informing the individual or caregiver, when it’s time to go to the bathroom. The user sets the threshold of when they want to be notified such as when their bladder is 65 percent, 70 percent or 85 percent full.

Triple W was named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for DFree.

CEATEC welcomes international journalists to exhibition in Japan

CEATEC JAPAN is the annual CPS/IoT exhibition in Japan that connects society and co-creates the future. We link together the Cyber Physical Systems/IoT policies, industries and technologies that transcend the existing boundaries between diverse industry and business categories to facilitate the realization of Society 5.0. With the keywords of CPS/IoT, CEATEC brings together around 150,000 people including business leaders, designers, engineers and researchers from a range of areas, not only the IT & electronics industries, but also from agriculture, healthcare, mobility, aerospace, Fintech, online shopping, cyber security, smart homes and smart factories, autonomous driving, fitness and healthcare, 5G, robotics, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

CEATEC JAPAN 2019 is scheduled for 15-18 Oct. 2019 at Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo.

LAPSCREEN – the paper of the future – extends mobile, desktop workspaces

After the laptop and smartphone, LAPSCREEN introduces the 3rd evolution of mobile computing and the paper of the future.

LAPSCREEN is a lightweight portable monitor — the perfect solution for people that require an extra screen while doing their day-to-day activities. Whether you connect it to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, it will be an easy and convenient way of extending (or duplicating) the screen of your smart device over USB Type-C or HDMI cable. 

With a keyboard the LAPSCREEN turns the smartphone into a laptop. The touch version turns the smarphone a pad. Any LAPSCREEN can stand like conventional monitors or lie like paper.

The LAPSCREEN weighs of 200-400 grams and is roughly similar in size to A4 paper / US letter.

There is currently a 10-point multi-touch version available, as well as a non-touch version. Whether you are on a business trip, with the need to give presentations in different locations, a student constantly working on different projects or just a casual traveler that needs an extra screen, the LAPSCREEN is the solution for you. 

The monitor has a Full HD Panel with a thickness of less than 4mm and no bezel on the sides and top. It is invented by Michél Haese as portable and endless combinable multi screen and exclusively produced by faytech.

IRIS will showcase at CES Showstoppers

Delray Beach, Florida – IRIS, transforming documents to knowledge with OCR software and style-driven scanners, will showcase their latest collections at CES Showstoppers!

As the world leader in mobile scanning devices and OCR software, IRIS develops applications and hardware that empower users with increased productivity by easily converting information from papers and documents into editable text. The impressive portfolio of IRIS devices that will be on display at Showstoppers includes:

  • IRIScan™ Anywhere, a small and portable device that papers pass through to immediately be scanned.
  • IRIScan™ Book 5, a convenient handheld that passes over documents to scan them, eliminating the need to separate pages from a book or magazine.
  • IRIScan™ Mouse, which looks and feels like a regular mouse, and also operates as a small, portable, fast and fluid 300 dpi resolution scanner.

Come meet with the IRIS team at ShowStoppers on Tuesday, January 8th from 6 pm to 10 pm, at the Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas!

About IRIS:
IRIS (Canon Group) is a leader in Information Management and offers a full range of innovative technology solutions, products and services. For 30 years, the IRIS experts have successfully supported customers around the world and helped them to overcome their main business challenges by using solutions for Digitization and Capture, GED and Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation. IRIS helps its clients by providing consulting services, research and development expertise and technology. The company is headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and serves more than 30 million consumers. These include public organizations (Ministries, European Union), international companies, local businesses and SOHO users. As a technology company, IRIS has built a vast ecosystem of innovation, technology.

Be the first to experience the latest robotic toys from HEXBUG for 2019

Optimizing play experience to the maximum while keeping technology at the core, HEXBUG brings you the latest in robotic toys, as a first-time exhibitor at Showstoppers this year. HEXBUG is an industry leader in robotic toys, with a focus on creating toys that let kids play while they learn. Keeping fun at the center of every product, HEXBUG creates captivating toys designed to harness a kids’ natural curiosity and foster that love of learning from cradle to career.

Step into the future with Coco the Monkey – a fully interactive, highly intelligent ape that responds to touch and sound to perform multiple tricks. Not far behind is the HEXBUG Scorpion, with elevated mechanical functions, you will find it scurrying around with a bouncing tail and free swinging claws – sure to stop you in your tracks!

The 2019 range also comprises of some fighting robotic toys to stimulate competitive skills along with team-building through the power of play. The HEXBUG Box Sumo features a range of crazy characters that you’d place in the sumo ring to get a fight going with vibration technology. While the HEXBUG Micro Titans are remote controlled champs designed to spin into fight-mode inside a vortex shaped bowl; generating boosting speed, power punches and overall an action-packed battle.

Visit us at Showstoppers to see the products first-hand. For more information about the brand, visit

Mycroft Mark II: The Open Source, Privacy focused speaker takes on Eavesdropping Alexa

Mycroft’s new voice assistant, the Mark II, stands out from the competition due to its Open Source platform.  Open Source allows for public accessibility, modification and the ability to be shared by everyone.  Open Source projects, products or initiatives embrace principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and o-oriented development.  Programmers and non-programmers alike benefit from Open Source technology.

The Mark II has been integrated with machine and deep learning in order to create an assistant that learns and improves over time.  As soon as an interaction is complete, data is deleted unless the user has explicitly stated they wish to Opt-In to share data to Mycroft’s Open Dataset.  Voice data is never stored or sold to outside entities that generate targeted advertisements based on your interactions.  The open software of the Mark II allows anyone to inspect the code and evaluate exactly what is being done with user data.

“Personal privacy is at the top of everyone’s list of concerns for this new category of technology that literally listens to your every word.  However, consumers have had no option to join the voice revolution without compromising themselves,” said Steve Penrod, CTO of Mycroft. “Mycroft and the Mark II will be the first viable platform that puts the individual’s privacy concerns first.  Our mission is to enhance privacy with our technology, not subvert it — unlike the main players whose businesses are built around reselling information about their customers.”

Games Get Real As SwapBots Hits CES and Showstoppers

British startup SwapBots, the collectible, customisable toys and game that come to life through augmented reality, will be showcasing at CES 2019. With a successful Kickstarter campaign under their belt, and early access samples on their way to backers, the SwapBots team will be at the world’s biggest consumer tech show to present their eagerly awaited product.

SwapBots utilises augmented reality to animate the toys to give the appearance that the video game has escaped from the screen into the real world. This physical and digital crossover play extends into the game as, by swapping pieces of the SwapBots, the player can influence in-game attributes of the characters as they use the Bots to battle against the computer and other players. The connected play sector is predicted to grow by 200% over the next four years to a value of $18bn according to Juniper Research. When combined with the rise of new IP in the toy space during 2018, a year that saw eight out of the top ten toys coming from brands less than three years old, there is an opportunity for startups to disrupt this market.

John Keefe, co-founder of SwapBots comments, “As a studio we have years of experience developing immersive technology-infused products and installations for clients – we could see there was real scope to develop a new type of playful product around augmented reality.”

Lockly Secure Pro, The World’s Most Advanced Smart Lock, Connects to Virtual Assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Today, Lockly, a company focused on revolutionizing the way we secure homes, offices and personal items, unveiled the latest advancement in security technology by announcing it’s Secure Pro line of smart locks at CES 2019. Lockly Secure Pro provides unparalleled safety and convenience with the addition of virtual assistant access through Amazon Alexa and Google Home, as well as access from anywhere in the world via the included Lockly Secure Link Wi-Fi hub. Not only does Secure Pro lock and unlock doors, it is able to inform users if their door is open or closed via voice assistant or Lockly’s mobile app thanks to accompanying sensors, providing added peace of mind for any home, business or rental property owner. These added features position Lockly as a leader in the smart lock industry as one a select few security solutions in the world to monitor real-time door access.

Using a smartphone, users can control and monitor door access and securely monitor who comes and goes. Lockly’s mobile app allows the owner to create and share access codes for family, friends or rental property tenants. Lockly’s patented PIN Genie™ Technology makes it virtually impossible for someone to duplicate access codes unwillingly. Unlike other static keypads, Lockly ensures the digital touch screen display is unique every time someone approaches your door. With five unique methods of access (voice, fingerprint, PIN Genie, app or traditional physical key), Secure Pro provides unmatched convenience along with world class security.

Consumers can pre-order Lockly Secure Pro deadbolt ($299.99) or latch ($329.99) models in Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze today at, with shipping expected in Q1 2019. Current owners of a Lockly smart lock can be able to upgrade their security by purchasing a Lockly Secure Link ($79.99) which allows their current Lockly smart lock to be accessible via Wi-Fi, anywhere in the world.

For more information please visit and stay updated by following: Twitter: @meetlockly Facebook: @meetlockly & Instagram: @meetlockly.