A virtual office space will be reproduced in your site with 3D cameras and AR glasses

Pisces’ communication platform uses Augmented Reality (AR) to give the experience of everyone being in the same office, no matter where in the world they are.

With Pisces, users can keep the communication including small chatting, facial expression and body language. Those type of activities has been cut off at online communication so far. When you use Pisces-installed Hololens, the Augmented Reality office space will be reproduced in your sight and users in distant will be possible to communicate each other as they sit together, with our own technology enables to send 3D data like 2D data transmitted on Skype.

Closer to the reality

3D depth camera captured vision would be shown in front of you. It is far more close to the reality, very different from the vision by a 2D camera.

Permanent connection

Pisces is made for comprehensive and constant connection to reproduce more natural communication happens at an office. Users can keep whole office communication including small chatting.