Atmosic Technologies Promises Forever Battery and Ultimately Battery-Free IoT with Energy Harvesting Solutions Demonstrated at ShowStoppers

Atmosic’s story begins with a team of wireless experts who pioneered CMOS RF design and spent the last decade creating ubiquitous embedded wireless connectivity. Led by CEO David Su, Atmosic came together to create a technology that would change the way we consumer energy. Atmosic leverages energy harvesting as a viable power source and lowest power radio design to deliver Forever Battery and a battery-free IoT.

Atmosic’s M2 and M3 series of wireless solutions are built on the Bluetooth® 5 platform. The chipsets greatly enhance low-bandwidth IOT applications through lowest power radio design, on-demand receive and controlled energy harvesting. Compared with other solutions on the market, Atmosic’s wireless systems-on-chip (SoCs) deliver 10-to-100 times lower power, enabling energy harvesting as a viable power source for connected devices across multiple markets.

With so many devices connected to the IoT, Atmosic anticipates that 2019 will be all about finding effective ways to create sustainable power to enable the industry vision of widespread IoT implementation. Lower power consumption in IoT devices through technologies like Atmosic’s M2 and M3 Series will be a major area of innovation focus.

At ShowStoppers, Atmosic will be demoing its M2 and M3 chipset series, as well as a new product capability related to solar energy. Visit Atmosic at booth #XX or and view a demo of its technology here.