Don’t play Russian Roulette with your Applications!  

Imitated mobile Apps are one of the highest risks App publishers face.

View of a Hacker activating 3d rendering app template on a smartphone

Estimates put the number of repackaged apps on Google Play above 30,000 – some receiving 1m+ downloads!

During ShowStoppers,  Inside Secure will demonstrate how hackers inject malicious code into legitimate apps.
We will then explain how apps can be easily protected with our App protection tool.

We will show 2 smartphones with 2 instant messaging applications. The two phones will be configured to be able to send messages to each other.

The journalist will ask to distinguish between the two applications. Of course, he won’t be able to.

We will reveal to the journalist that in fact, one of the applications has been repackaged- as with the attack on the Whatsapp application – and that it has recorded the entire conversation. The latter will be able to discover it on a computer that shows all the data that the hacker sees …

This is one of the most common attacks. Attackers use the actual application to create malicious applications.  Users are easily led to download malware – the WhatsApp example had more than a million downloads!

It is easy to mount this type of attack. We will demonstrate through an automated script how quickly the malicious application that recorded the messages is created.

We will then explain that these attacks are easily defended with our tools.

We will demonstrate how to protect the original application with our APKdefender solution.

Come discover our demo and prepare to be stunned !