Technology is integrated into everything we do. We socialize and meet people online, we relax with TV, and most of us spend at least a portion of our workday in front of a computer. This all adds up to a lot of screen time — and it’s growing — the current average is well over 10 hours a day. Even the Pope (@Pontifex) with 17.9M followers on Twitter, has chimed in to advise us “not to waste our precious time online” (Reuters).    

Studies show that screen time impacts everything from our eyes, to our sleep, to our mental health. Many of us have taken the first step by monitoring screen time, but few have taken action to reduce or counteract the effects of digital device usage. Umay, a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree for ‘Tech for a Better World,’ aims to change this and helps users to take time for self-care and reset the effect of screen time.

Digital Wellness is a relatively new trend at MWC19, balancing our physical and mental wellbeing and digital usage. Be one of the first to experience Umay Rest® to “counteract the toll taken on our eyes and brains from being glued to digital devices 10 hours a day…its thermal therapy is aimed at restoring eye health while its Thermal Meditation is designed to calm and clear the mind.” (Global Wellness Trends). Learn more at or visit Umay at A1.4 (4YFN) or ShowStoppers.