XPhone powered by Function X: The world’s first blockchain phone at MWC 2019

The detail of XPhone, the first cell phone to use blockchain to run independently of a centralized carrier and give users complete control over their data, will be unveiled at MWC 2019. 

XPhone from Pundix is more than a phone for a secured crypto wallet. It’s the world-first smartphone to access the blockchain internet. The device runs on a custom blockchain ecosystem, Function X, that uses distributed ledger technology, not centralized service providers, to allow users to send messages, make calls and transmit data of all kinds securely with end-to-end encryption. It can also be a node on the Function X blockchain to provide different services to the distributed network. 

Calls on the XPhone’s blockchain mode are routed via network nodes, making it the first product to employ blockchain for telephony and data transmission, taking blockchain tech beyond the world of financial transfers. XPhone runs on the f(x) OS (built based off a modified Android 9.0), and it provides users the ability to switch between blockchain and normal modes seamlessly. 

Specifications, features and the design of the phone will be unveiled at MWC 2019; it is scheduled for consumer release in late 2019. 

A sneak peek video of what Function X and XPhone are: https://youtu.be/RZMxH3hfneU