IHS Markit | Technology Announces Innovation Award Winners at ShowStoppers @ IFA 2019 in Berlin

IHS Markit | Technology, now a part of Informa Tech, today announced the winners of the IHS Markit Innovation Awards. Presented at the ShowStoppers® @ IFA press event on Thursday, September 5, 2019 in Berlin, the awards showcased the most innovative technology products submitted by event exhibitors.“This was our third year hosting and judging the Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ IFA, and we are pleased to congratulate all the technology groundbreakers who participated in the event,” said Lisa Arrowsmith, executive director and head of consumer technology solutions at IHS Markit | Technology. “As in the past, we saw some extraordinary entries on display in Berlin. It’s always difficult to choose the victors in each category, but the winners truly demonstrated extraordinary vision and creativity.”The winners, by category, of the 2019 IHS Markit Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ IFA are:

  • Fitness, wearables and health devices: Withings, for Move ECG
    • Runner Up: GN Hearing A/S, for ReSound LiNX Quattro™ ITE
  • Mobile accessories: Fashiontekk AB, for Wilma Eco Cases
  • Mobile computing: Acronis International GmbH, for Acronis True Image 2020
    • Runner Up: Afilias Technologies, for DeviceAssure
  • Personal entertainment: Audiogum, for Intelligent Personalization and Bespoke Voice Driven Playlisting
  • Smart home and appliances: Snips, for Snips for Home Appliances
    • Runner Up: Vayyar, for Walabot HOME

The following products earned honorable mentions: Catalyst, for the Catalyst Waterproof case for iPad; Libratone, for TRACK Air+; PopSockets, for PopSockets PopWallet+; and Safera Oy, for Safera Sense.


The following technology industry research analysts at IHS Markit | Technology judged the awards at ShowStoppers @ IFA 2019:

  • Anna Ahrens, Senior Analyst, Smartphone and Mobile
  • Liliana Alvarez, Senior Analyst, Smart Home and Appliances
  • Paul Gray, Research and Analysis Director, TV, Consumer Electronics and Devices
  • Dinesh Kithany, Lead Industry Analyst, Wireless Power & Power Supply
  • Blake Kozak, Principal Analyst, Smart Home and Security Technology
  • Ken Park, Research and Analysis Director, TV, Consumer Electronics and Devices
  • Gerrit Schneemann, Senior Analyst, Smartphones

In addition, journalist judge Jaime Rivera, with Pocketnow, participated in the judging.

Upcoming ShowStoppers Event

The next ShowStoppers press event is ShowStoppers @ CES on January 7, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Companies exhibiting at ShowStoppers @ CES can submit up to three candidate products, technologies or services for the IHS Markit Innovation Awards. IHS Markit and ShowStoppers have agreed to an embargo on any announcements that should not be made public prior to the awards. For more information, visit http://awards.showstoppers.com/.

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Sage presents range of sleek, innovative kitchen appliances

An Australian-born brand and global success story, Sage Appliances launched into the UK market in May 2013, leading to its expansion in Europe including successful launches in Germany, Benelux and Switzerland with additional European markets on the horizon.

So far, the brand has made a name for itself in Europe primarily due to the enormous popularity of its lauded coffee business which has been the recipient of numerous awards, including most recently The Specialty Coffee Association’s “Best New Product Award” for its Barista Pro portafilter espresso machine.

From coffee and healthy living to tea makers and ovens, Sage will be presenting a comprehensive range of sleek and innovative kitchen appliances at ShowStoppers, including a never seen before product set to disrupt the blending category.

Monoprice Debuts New Monolith Audio Items at IFA 2019

Monoprice, affordable consumer electronics ecommerce leader, is showcasing the latest offerings across its  Premium Audio categories at IFA 2019. In the years since its international expansion, Monoprice has focused on bringing the highest quality technologies across its many product categories to global enthusiasts, without added cost markup. During this time, 3D Printing and Premium Audio have evolved into standout categories from the online retailer, who offers a growing selection of products that reflect industry trends and surpass industry standards.

Now in its third year, Monoprice’s premium Monolith audio line continues to defy the idea that great quality sound must come at a high price. At IFA, the retailer will show:

  • Monolith Home Theater Processor ($3,999.00)
    • A state-of-the-art 16-channel processor that boasts Dolby Atmos and DTS: X decoding, advanced room correction with Dirac Live, the latest generation AKM4493 DACs, and plenty of inputs for all sources.
  • Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli  ($999.99)
    • A smaller version of the Cavalli Audio’s Liquid Gold Amp, The Liquid Gold X is a fully balanced, differential front-end, solid state amplifier and introduces Monoprice’s new MCU-based products with computerized control of all features – including turn-on sequencing and DC offset detection.
  • Monolith by Monoprice THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier featuring THX AAA 887 Technology ($399.99)
    • THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) promises high fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise and distortion.
  • Monolith  M1070 Planar Headphones
    • Featuring a 106mm planar driver, 2.5mm connectors and an open back design that produces a stunning aural landscape and resolves minute sonic detail. Spectacular imaging, low distortion, and perfectly balanced sound.

Kyoto’s mui Lab to Showcase Smart Art System That Keeps You Happy

Kyoto’s mui Lab is showcasing “Hashira no Kioku (Height Marking in Wood),” a smart art system that turns your beautiful life memory into a work of art, so you can savor the moment every day and forever. Developed collaboratively by mui Lab, an IoT design startup, and Wacom, the world’s leading provider of pen tablets, the system connects a wood column and pen — an ordinary utensil and furniture — via the Cloud.

The wooden column is impregnated with the mui technology that transforms a natural wood surface into a touch-sensitive smart screen. When Wacom’s digital pen is used to mark a child’s height on the column, the system automatically registers a measurement and displays its value on an adjacent box. It also occasionally displays a beautiful poem about children’s growth.

Just like the “mui” smart-home control panel, which we are also showcasing at IFA, “Hashira no Kioku (Height Marking in Wood)” is built around the principles of “calm technology” and designed to stay out of the user’s consciousness while fulfilling its purpose of bringing back the joyous feelings for you. Drawing inspiration from the Taoist philosophy of “mui shizen,” mui-enabled systems are created to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to create harmony among technology, the humans who use it and the nature surrounding them.

GN Hearing advances audiology care with new innovative technologies

For 150 years GN Hearing has been dedicated to innovation and solving essential problems. 2019 has been no different, and in this year GN Hearing has launched a major innovation for people living with hearing loss, who want the very best technology in combination with a special discreet solution and a maximum of personalisation.

The custom made ReSound LiNX Quattro™ ITE, the world’s first Premium-Plus in the ear hearing aid. With its 6th generation of 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, ReSound LiNX Quattro™ has the highest input dynamic range available and delivers superior sound quality with Layers of Sound™, where softer sounds are clearer and louder sounds are fuller and distortion free. It is designed for people who desire a brilliant sound experience with great speech intelligibility even in noisy situations.

This innovation in sound has also been matched by an innovation in accessibility. In 2018 GN Hearing entered a partnership with Google to stream sound directly from Android devices to two hearing aids for the first time without using an intermediate device and with the full spectrum of direct audio streaming. The collaboration focuses on developing new technologies and aims to drastically improve users’ experience of both their Android smartphone and their hearing aid. GN Hearing will be the first manufacturer to support this update.

Swedish case brand Wilma launches its first range of 100% bio-degradeable eco cases at IFA 2019

  • Swedish case brand Wilma launches its first range of eco cases, certified by DIN Cert to be 100% bio-degradeable according to EU-standard 12432.
  • The Wilma eco cases are made with eco-friendly colors made from the Caixia plant, and have been tested and passed SGS-tests to be free of harmful color additives according to EU-standards.
  • The packaging is made from recycled paper, is 100% free from plastic, and use soy ink for colors.
  • The new Wilma eco cases collection is called STOP OCEAN PLASTIC POLLUTION, and is a campaign to raise the awareness of plastic pollution. Wilma donates 1 USD per sold case to organisations that works with projects to clean the oceans from plastic.
  • The size and weight of the packaging is about 50-60% less than average case packaging on the market and contributes to reduce waste.


Perfect meat enjoyment with the King of Grill

Whether medium steaks from the grill, crispy chicken from the oven or juicy fish from the pan: MEATER unleashes great enthusiasm among the grill community and in kitchens all over the world. The multitalented gadget brings the preparation of meat into the 21st century, cable free and with smartphone support.

With the original MEATER, the MEATER+ with increased range and the recently released MEATER Block, amateur chefs and BBQ lovers can now choose from three models.

Easy preparation thanks to intuitive App connection

The cooking process can be controlled through a dedicated MEATER App. It contains several different preprogrammed cooking temperatures, which can be used for various meat types. Furthermore, cooking meat with manual settings is also an option Besides that, the app provides tips and tricks for preparation as well as several description videos. The smartphone permanently informs about the temperature development and in that way, it gives an overview about the remaining cooking time.

As soon as the meat or fish reach the perfect moment, the user receives a notification to remove the food from the heat. This way, the chef can lean back and relax or prepare the side dishes and take care of the guests in the meantime.

New : MEATER Block with integrated display and four probes

If you plan a bigger dinner party with a variety of meat dishes, the all new MEATER Block is the  gadget of choice. Thanks to an integrated OLED display, the user can even forgo to the usage of a smartphone. The cooking programs can be set up on the display, which is incorporated into the attractively designed bamboo block. Each probe of the MEATER Block can be operated individually.

Wide range, noble design

For those who move a lot between kitchen, cellar and grill during the cooking process, using the mobile application is the best option. Connecting via Bluetooth, you can move around a radius of up to 50 meters from the oven or grill. If you log in to the WiFi you can increase the range, depending on the size of your home’s WiFi range. And if you suddenly realize,that an important  ingredient is missing, you can quickly hop into the next supermarket without letting the cooking process out of sight: Just register at MEATER Cloud to reach a potentially endless range.

Snips to unveil its new edge-based voice solution for Home Appliances designed for (un)connected home at IFA 2019

Snips for Home Appliances is the new edge-based voice solution designed for the smart home, offering seamless integration for home appliances. It is offline, lightweight, and guarantees Privacy by Design for the (un)connected home.

Snips, AI-powered natural language voice recognition interface that runs locally & offline, to launch its first enterprise solution, Snips for Home Appliances, designed for the (un)connected home. Packaging its edge-based voice technology for smart home use cases, Snips is making it possible for brands and OEMs to meet the rapidly growing demand for smart home appliances with voice-integrations that work offline and safeguard user data privacy.

Snips for Home Appliances is the first lightweight and cost-effective voice solution that can be customized to any smart home appliance, with use cases across any type of hardware, from MCU to MPU, and using simple voice commands (e.g., “turn on”, “turn off”, “stop”, “play”, “pause”, etc.) or full natural language (e.g., “what time will the roast be ready?”).

Home appliance brands and OEMs looking to integrate the Snips voice solution will enjoy all the benefits of Snips technology, including on-device and fully offline operability, empowering companies to retain complete control of their brand identity, customer relationships, and end-user data. As a white-label solution, Snips for Home Appliances empowers brands and OEMs to own the voice interaction with their products, including custom wake words. Additionally, companies will benefit from Snips transparent business model, which includes perpetual pricing per device and is BoM-oriented, making budgets predictable compared to traditional cloud providers and their price-per-request models.

Introducing Qoobo, a Cushion-shaped Therapy Robot For Everyone in Need of Some Comfort

Wish you had a pet to cuddle with but got no time to take care of it? Or, suffer from a pet allergy?

Qoobo is a robotic cushion with a cat-like tail that makes realistic moves in response to your touch. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, occasionally, it wags just to say hello. The simple communication, using only tail movements without relying on sounds or facial expressions, can provide a sense of comfort to people the ways animals do.

Yukai Engineering Inc., a Tokyo-based robotics startup known for creating robots that bring joy to life, will demonstrate Qoobo, a tail-wagging robotic pillow that was recently released to the market, from Sep. 6 to 11 at IFA 2019, as well as BOCCO emo, an emotionally responsive robot that expresses empathy.

Meet Insta360 GO: The World’s Smallest Stabilized Camera

Insta360 brand new camera Insta360 GO, is a tiny stabilized camera that mounts anywhere. GO pairs an innovative form factor with AI-powered smart editing to make shooting easy.

When worn, GO enables seamless, hands-free shooting, so users can capture experiences at the spur of the moment. But GO is more than a wearable. A magnetic body, impossible stabilization,  plus a range of accessories, means GO is ready to clip, tag or hang on just about anything.

Shooting video with GO is simple: One press records a clip for up to 30 seconds, a second press stops it. GO can also shoot a bunch more, such as Hyperlapses, Timelapses, Slow Mo or regular photos. Once you’re done shooting, upload right to the app for to auto-editing. FlashCut auto-editing uses AI to find your best shots and combine them — on beat — into a stylized edit. GO can sort content based on theme (e.g. food, cities, smiles) and quality of shot composition. With FlashCut, users can capture, edit and share their day in a few taps.

GO comes standard with a range of accessories for easy charging and mounting, including the Charge Case, Magnet Pendant, Pivot Stand, Easy Clip and Sticky Base. GO is priced at $199.99 USD.

Insta360 GO purchase link: http://bit.ly/Insta360_GO