Get rid of your keys and access your apartment keyless  – meet the retrofit Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener

The vision of creating a holistic, smart and secure access system has been our goal since our start in 2014. Following the launch of the Nuki Smart Lock and its second, improved generation – Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 -, we proudly announce a retrofit solution for the main entrance doors of multi-party buildings: the Nuki Opener.

Just like the Nuki Smart Lock, the Opener can simply be retrofitted with the app tutorial and turns intercoms into smart entry systems. The Nuki Opener allows you to control your intercom system via your smartphone and offers a multitude of really handy core features for your everyday life:

Open door via Nuki app: Logical but inevitable. By using this feature, you activate the buzzer of your front door, so you can open the main entrance door via the app. Of course, the whole thing works remotely, if you want to open the door for someone else, such as a parcel deliverer or your cleaning aid, even if you’re currently not in your apartment.

Ring to Open:  When you activate the Ring to Open feature, your smartphone detects when you are near your front door. As soon as you ring at your apartment, the buzzer opens your front door and you can enter the house without a key or app. Basically that’s Auto Unlock for your intercom system.

Continuous Mode: This mode allows you to automatically open the door at a defined time when you are ringing.

Ring Suppression: This feature allows you to choose not to ring your bell when using, for example, the Ring to Open feature. A useful feature if you come home late in the evening by Ring to Open while your children are sleeping.

The Nuki Opener is the perfect addition to our existing product portfolio‘, says Martin Pansy, founder and CEO of the Autrian Nuki Home Solutions GmbH. ‚About 50% of the European population live in apartment buildings. With the Nuki Opener we can now enable completely keyless access from the road to the living room for renters and owners of flats.’

PopSockets – from 150 million phone grips to an ecosystem of fun and life-changing products

PopSockets brings everyday tech that enhances the user experience of something we all use daily – our phone. We exist to change the world for the better with innovative and fun products. Customers love the PopSockets brand because our products aren’t just useful—they are also expressive and empowering. The demand from consumers is centred around the simple yet versatile functionality, self-expression, and ability to give and create a human connection. We’ve sold over 150 million grips globally and have become a staple on phones around the world.

The insolent popularity of our PopGrip around the world paved the road to a whole unified ecosystem of unbelievably fun and handy products for your phone. Starting with the new version of our best-seller, our PopGrip is now 100% compatible with wireless charging. New members of the PopSockets family will be presented at IFA such as:

  • PopWallet+: Never lose your wallet – with integrated PopGrip to hold up to 3 cards and it is wireless charging compatible.
  • PopMirror: A PopGrip made to reflect you! Put your best face forward with this dual-purpose phone and fashion accessory. This swivel top mirror provides standard reflection and easily collapses flat, and the base mirror provides 2x magnification for closer looks.

We have successfully seen growth as a brand because we fill a void in the market to enhance the functionality of our beloved phones. PopSockets make grips, mounts, and wallets for your digital devices. Ever since philosophy professor David Barnett made the first PopGrip by gluing two buttons to his phone, it’s been our mission to bring fun into the world. Our headquarters are in Boulder, CO, and we have offices around the world.

WiZ Connected legt in Berlin eine Schippe drauf

Im vergangenen Jahr feierte WiZ Connected mit seinen WLAN-vernetzten, smarten Lösungen für Lampen und Leuchtmittel in Berlin eine extrem erfolgreiche Premiere. Sowohl die grundsätzliche Technologie von WiZ, basierend auf WLAN und IFTTT, als auch die einzelnen Produkte und Softwarefeatures haben in 2018 für viel Aufsehen gesorgt – bei privaten Nutzern, professionellen Anwendern, Lampenherstellern und auch dem einen oder andern Technologieanbieter.

Das wohl deutlichste Ergebnis des überaus erfolgreichen Markteintritts von WiZ Connected: Signifiy (ehemals Philips Hue) wurde auf den Newcomer aufmerksam und übernahm Mitte 2019 das Unternehmen. Damit endet die Erfolgsgeschichte jedoch nicht, denn: WiZ Connected bleibt als eigene Marke erhalten und wird seine Technologie kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln!

Die Unterstützung durch den neuen, großen Partner, bietet WiZ viele neue Möglichkeiten, seine ambitionierten Pläne und technologischen Ideen in die Tat umzusetzen. Durch seine offenen Schnittstellen bzw. die Verwendung von Standard-Formaten und Standard-Protokollen ist WiZ mit seiner Plattform eine attraktive Adresse für viele andere Unternehmen, die ihre Produkte mit smarter Beleuchtung kombinieren bzw. vernetzten wollen. Davon profitieren auch die Nutzer von WiZ, die zukünftig unter noch mehr kompatiblen Systemen wählen können, mit denen sie ihre smarten Lampen und Leuchten steuern bzw. verknüpfen können.

Jabra takes the next step in True Wireless innovation

Jabra has set the scene in wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds in recent years with its Elite series, engineered for life on the go. At ShowStoppers, Jabra will take the next step in True Wireless innovation and will be showcasing what’s new.

Jabra has collated valuable insights on user needs and preferences to determine the primary barriers to a true wireless experience. There’s a constant consumer demand for more battery life, better fit and ease of connectivity to devices which Jabra will now address.

Motorola unveils new lifestyle innovations


Motorola Lifestyle continues to push the limits of creativity and innovation to provide consumers with products that integrate seamlessly into everyday life. New products at IFA 2019 include Tech3 – a game-changing three-in-one headphone solution, as well as the highly versatile wireless VerveBud range and the portable Sonic Sub speaker range.

3-in-1– Three styles, unlimited possibilities

Up to now, many users have used multiple headset sets for different use cases. Using the patented TriX technology, the Motorola’s Tech3 are the first headsets that enable a seamless transition from True Wireless to wired application options and thereby gives people all the best options no matter where or how they want to use their headphones. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading out of town on a business trip, Tech3 adapts to your needs every step of the way.

Users can choose between True Wireless, sport loop style (a sleek neckband for additional stability) or wired mode for long journeys and business calls. Complete with rich stereo sound, touch control features, Google, Siri and Alexa voice control assistance, IPX5 water resistance and an ergonomic fit.

True Wireless – Sweet sound of total freedom

The Motorola VerveBud headphone range celebrates everything that’s great about True Wireless technology. Designed with different preferences of the end users in mind the VerveBud portfolio come in 6 different styles and models – each with a sleek and compact charging case. The true wireless headphones are suitable for the office and tough enough for the gym and offer 4-6 hours of uninterrupted audio time and up to 9-18 hours in combination with the charging case (depending on the model). The feature-packed product range not only offers great sound on the go – you can also manage calls, use voice control assistance and make personalized adjustments via the Vervelife app.

The VerveBud 500 model was already honored with the IF Design Award 2019. At IFA 2019 the new model 800 will be introduced (see image).

Bigger bass unleashed

The Motorola Sonic Sub speakers feature enhanced bass with subwoofers to deliver maximum bass impact, while making use of the portable benefits of true wireless technology. To take things to the next level, you can pair two Sonic Sub speakers for perfect stereo sound. Whether you’re listening around the house or venturing to the great outdoors, these speakers are built with IPX5 water resistance. An integrated microphone and Voice assistant offer voice control and enable the speakers to be used for phone calls, when connected with a smartphone.

The latest vívomove® series with new advanced wellness features, connected GPS and Garmin Pay™

Garmin announces the next generation of the vívomove series, the latest collection of hybrid smartwatches. Designed with style in mind, the new lineup – vívomove 3/3S, vívomove Style and vívomove Luxe – have the appearance of a traditional timepiece, with real ticking hands and elegant dial details. The hands dynamically move out of the way to reveal a hidden smart display with health and fitness tracking data, smart notifications for text messages, social media updates, calendar reminders and more. The new vívomove series builds on the previous vívomove HR by adding dual color displays (Style and Luxe), advanced wellness features like PulseOx [1] and Body Battery™ energy monitoring, connected GPS, and Garmin Pay (selected models only).

This is the face of adventure: The fēnix® 6 series

Garmin launches the new fēnix 6 series, the next generation of its flagship GPS multisport smartwatch lineup. The fēnix 6 collection includes Power Manager for longer battery life, allows runners to better plan their race with new PacePro™ technology and introduces Garmin’s largest round display, a 1.4-inch screen. As the first Garmin GPS watch to offer solar charging, the fēnix 6X Pro Solar edition is designed with Power Glass™, a transparent solar charging lens that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. Because of its unique solar charging technology, users will have more on-wrist time to enjoy their activities, training features, colour mapping, music streaming and much more.

The Venu GPS smartwatch with stunning AMOLED display

The new Garmin Venu® is a new GPS smartwatch with a vibrant AMOLED display and the broadest available range of 24/7 health monitoring features in the market. With a battery life of up to five days in smartwatch mode and rapid charging in between, Venu users do not miss out on valuable health insights. The Venu boasts the broadest range of 24/7 health monitoring features available in the market, including new respiration tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, new hydration tracking and Body Battery. The AMOLED display brings workouts to life with 40+ on-device animated routines for strength training, cardio, yoga and Pilates. These easy-to-follow workouts demonstrate proper form and technique right on the user’s wrist.

Not a medical device and not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition; see PulseOX not available in all countries.

Get Smart with Yale at ShowStoppers!

Would you like to learn more about how Yale ensures that consumers are more connected and in control than ever before? Make sure to stop by our stand at Showstoppers to get an exclusive preview of our smart security solutions, including news about our Smart Locks and in-home services Yale and partners are pioneering.

The Yale Access module will allow existing Yale Smart Lock owners increased functionalities and integrations with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. With the Yale Access module, customers can use the Yale Access app to lock and unlock the door and know exactly who comes and goes thanks to the activity monitoring. Additionally, it has the function to send keys to family, friends and visitors and check if the door is closed with the DoorSense™ technology.

Yale and partners are opening the door for customers to access the world of short-term rental and in-home services including delivery and cleaning, to name a few. Something Yale has worked very hard to bring to life especially now as consumers are demanding more from online retailers and service providers.

These innovative solutions are joined by our extensive range of Yale Smart Living products including the Smart Home Alarm, indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Working as stand-alone solutions or connecting with each other to guarantee that the things and people you care about most are always protected.

Monoprice Showcases 3D Printers at IFA 2019

Monoprice, affordable consumer electronics ecommerce leader, is showcasing the latest offerings across its 3D Printing categories at IFA 2019. In the years since its international expansion, Monoprice has focused on bringing the highest quality technologies across its many product categories to global enthusiasts, without added cost markup. During this time, 3D Printing and Premium Audio have evolved into standout categories from the online retailer, who offers a growing selection of products that reflect industry trends and surpass industry standards.

In the 3D printing space, Monoprice has established a name for itself as the go-to resource for professionals, hobbyists and beginners, alike. Some of the most recent printers in its every-growing line (showcased at the booth) include:

  • Monoprice MP Delta Pro 3D Printer ($1,119.99)
    • Created for the enthusiast and professionals. Powered by 32-bit ARM processor and easy to use with auto bed leveling, heated glass build plate. Ships fully assembled, ready to print.
  • Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 3D Printer ($549.99)
    • Perfect for personal, professional, and educational applications. Features full enclosure with internal LED lighting, a removable glass build plate and auto-leveling.

Withings new ECG monitor & activity watch features a 1-year battery life and the ability to detect AFib

Withings, pioneer of the connected health movement and analog connected watches, is announcing the availability of a new product at IFA: Move ECG, the world’s first analog watch to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) on-demand, is now available in Europe, following the ECG monitor having received CE marking for medical devices. Move ECG comes with a state-of-the-art ECG feature that allows people to easily and affordably monitor their cardiovascular health to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a major heart disease, at any time. Move ECG is available today at the price of €129.95/£129.95 at and main retail partners, and works both on iOS and Android.

On-Demand ECG on the Wrist Withings is committed to creating beautifully designed products people can easily incorporate into their daily lives to monitor health and wellness goals. Move ECG embodies this mission by combining medical grade heart monitoring technology with a stylish analog watch design and superior battery life of up to one year.

Move ECG includes three electrodes with two discreetly integrated inside the main body of the watch, and the third electrode in the stainless steel bezel of the watch. When users experience symptoms such as palpitation, they simply need to push the side button and touch both sides of the bezel to start recording an electrocardiogram anytime, anywhere, similar to a single lead ECG. After 30 seconds of measurement, Move ECG vibrates to notify users that the reading is complete. The electrical signal is then analyzed via a proprietary algorithm that has been developed with cardiologists and trained using thousands of ECG signals, so that it can detect irregular heart rhythm. The watch syncs automatically with the accompanying Health Mate app (iOS and Android), which instantaneously classifies the user’s heart rhythm as Afib or normal sinus rhythm.

Move ECG is also packed with the advanced activity and sleep tracking features users have come to expect from Withings, but also, for the first time in a Withings watch, an altimeter is included to track floors climbed.

AFib is the main form of irregular heart rhythm and is responsible for almost a third of the strokes in developed countries. Additionally, 1 in 4 middle-aged adults in Europe and the U.S. will develop AFib in their lifetime. However, the condition is often under-diagnosed as it can be intermittent so it’s easily missed if it’s not occurring during a visit to the doctor.

“At Withings, we are committed to going beyond just tracking steps. We are on a mission to create elegant devices that not only inform people on their overall health and wellness, but also have the capabilities to identify and prevent serious issues,” said Eric Carreel, President of Withings. “Move ECG is the newest device in our product range to accomplish this. It offers ECG tracking capabilities people typically find in a hospital in a stylish tracker that can be worn easily every day. Now people can take a reading anytime, from their wrist.”

Empath’s updates in the first half of 2019 and the very first showcase our new product, “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” at IFA 2019

Empath is a Vocal Emotion AI which can identify 4 emotions such as joy, calm, anger, and sorrow, in addition to the energy point.

In the first half of 2019, we Empath experienced fruitful successes: we were accepted by Google Launchpad Accelerator, selected as J-Startup by Japanese Government, and won 8 international pitch competitions. which lead us to acquire 1,800 customers over 50 countries so far in multiple business sectors such as call center, mobility, robotics, and VR.

At IFA, we are happy to showcase one of our new product called “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” which supports both operators and supervisors at call centers. For operators, we provide virtual assistant which could cheer operators up based on both operators’ and customers’ emotions so that operators could keep motivated. For supervisors, we provide a Android tablet to check which operators needs help in real-time based on the emotional state. We created this new product so that we could encourage both supervisors and operators to have better communication at their work which would also encourage them to improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

By using our new product, our customer achieved these results below:

(1) 20 % decrease of supervisors’ overtime work

(2) Improved the attendance rate of operators from 83% to 99%

(3) Improved sales conversion rate by about 380%