AVM presents the world’s first 5G home network router

With its FRITZ!Box 6850 5G, AVM presents the world’s first All-in-One router for the new wireless generation. It offers users powerful home networking with a telephone system, fast dual-band wireless LAN and versatile connection options for networking. The home network comfort of a FRITZ!Box with Mesh functions for WiFi, telephony and Smart Home will soon also be available to users in 5G networks. The new mobile communications standard enables users with high bandwidths of more than 2 Gbit/s and exceptionally low latencies. This makes the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G particularly attractive for real-time applications such as VR and gaming.

With the FRITZ! product range, AVM is a leading manufacturer of broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE (4G) and fiber optics in Germany and Europe. FRITZ! stands for innovation – it was first to introduce a dedicated WiFi Repeater, first to bring Mesh WiFi to existing hardware and first to win the European Hardware Award for Best Router three times in a row. The company’s own FRITZ!OS is the mastermind behind FRITZ! and with frequent updates it constantly pushes the limits of what can be done with modern hardware.

Since it started out in Berlin in 1986, AVM’s focus has been on developing secure, innovative products for broadband connections in-house. In 2018 the communications specialist had over 750 employees and generated a turnover of 520 million euros.

XMG unveils an exciting, slim & light gaming laptop in joint cooperation with Intel

XMG’s slim & light gaming laptop is a design collaboration with Intel, delivering an industry leading premium laptop made for gamers and content creators. Utilising the extensive industry knowledge base of both companies and through extensive consultation with groups of gamers and content creators, this collaboration incorporates the features and designs that are most valued in a premium laptop. With its attractive design and outstanding build quality, the upcoming XMG laptop delivers amazing experiences whether you game or create on-the-go.


The ultra-slim gaming powerhouse combines the latest Intel and NVIDIA technology with an outstanding battery capacity of 93Wh and fast charge support. A sleek and slim yet sturdy AZ91D magnesium alloy chassis not only provides enhanced heat dissipation but also impresses with a stunningly elegant design. Measuring just 20mm deep and weighing in at a lean 1.89kg, this new XMG laptop sets a new milestone in ultraportable, high-performance and power-efficient computing.

Despite its impressively slim dimensions, the laptop features a revolutionary opto-mechanical low profile keyboard with programmable per-key RGB illumination and a total travel distance of 2.0 mm. These features meet the high precision and haptic feedback demands of ambitious gamers and prolific writers alike. XMG’s latest addition to its gaming portfolio also features extensive connectivity options, including a versatile Thunderbolt 3 port offering state of the art speed.

Join us at ShowStoppers to get an exclusive sneak peek, receive more detailed information prior to the official product launch and feel welcome to shoot a hands-on video or photos to share with your readers.

KODAK returns to IFA with its ever-expanding instant print line, digital film scanners and portable projectors

The latest product of the SMILE instant print line, the KODAK SMILE Classic Instant Print Digital Camera will debut at IFA, along with the KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera and the KODAK SMILE Instant Digital Printer. Both the SMILE Classic and the SMILE Printer are equipped with AR capabilities that allow for a video with sound to be embedded into a photo before printing. Videos in each photo can be viewed by scanning via the KODAK SMILE app.

KODAK’s digital film scanners will also be on display. The new lightweight Mini Digital Film Scanner converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm film negatives and slides to a digital format that can be saved to an SD card or transferred to a computer or laptop. For those only looking to view their slides, the new 35mm Slide Viewer comes with a powerful backlit light box and magnifies images by 3X. Making a second appearance at IFA, the SCANZA, will be on display. It is a slightly larger version of the Mini Digital Film Scanner and comes with an HDMI cord.

The newest of KODAK’s projector line, the LUMA series, will also be on display. The LUMA 75, LUMA 150 and LUMA 350 are all very lightweight and are designed with a simple plug-and-play operation system. The brightest and most robust of the line, the LUMA 350, can project video and images up to 200 inches and is equipped with an Android OS giving users access to wireless networks for web browsing, downloading apps and more.

Unipos: Create your value-driven culture

We have come from Japan to introduce a message of positive collaboration and emotional efficiency. Unipos stands for unified positivity, and we have designed our platform to help organizations around the world benefit from the impact and value it has to offer. People want to be part of something bigger and want to work towards a common positive objective; why stop them? 280 partners and 40000+ active users across the world believe in the Unipos message and motivate and engage their teams with the power of positivity.

How we’ve achieved such amazing feats over a short period is by developing a highly sophisticated and groundbreaking culture alignment platform that helps business leaders in sharing their vision and values across their teams. So every team member is working towards the common goal and collaborating to move a step closer to the company mission. Unipos easily integrates into your day to day communication tool making its usage frictionless and part of your daily work routine. We help shed light on all non-KPI collaborations that previously went under the radar. Let everyone one in the company know what a beautiful human being you are and let them celebrate it.

The world and our workplace can use some positivity in these highly competitive, demanding, and stressful times. We want every individual to be celebrated for their smallest contributions because every little step towards the right direction counts and our analytics tool and public timeline makes sure of it. Unipos has become the employees choice across Japan and now is one of the essential requirements of candidates in choosing their future employer. Our mission is to generate transparency on every contribution, create peer-based vetted positive feedback, analyze value translation and transmission, and make work fun again.

Audiogum announces new partnerships enabling Smart Experiences for their Smart Devices

Audiogum UK Ltd, a B2B software company specialising in flexible solutions for smart devices, will be returning to IFA in Berlin, 6-11th September 2019 (Stand 235, Hall 26, IFA NEXT hub and ShowStoppers).

Audiogum specialises in working with partners to create unique and smart experiences for the end user. At its core, Audiogum focuses on Content Aggregation, Intelligent Personalisation and Natural Language Understanding. Audiogum also offers design and development services, analytics and account hosting, which give partners everything they need to delight their users.

“Our clients come to us because we have the skills and experience to deliver solutions of the highest quality, and we’re agile enough to be totally flexible to their business needs. We create meaningful partnerships, understanding each customer’s needs to ensure they get the very best product fit.” said COO Mark Boyes.

Audiogum believes in creating exceptional value through close communication and collaboration with its partners. The ethos of making it easy to access content, enhancing the content (using intelligent personalisation) and understanding the end user, resonates with the target audience.

Audiogum are proud to be working with partners like Dynaudio, Libratone, Napster, Netgem, PLEN Robotics and Stream Unlimited, and they will be adding to that list soon.

Substantial time and effort has been placed on creating the right product mix and modular platform for prospective partners. CTO Steve Robbins is confident Audiogum has the capabilities they need to stand out: “From the start, we set out to build a SaaS platform that could be scaled, modular and flexible. We’re currently working with several very well-known brands to understand their requirements, agree an integration approach and select the best Audiogum features to enhance their products. We’re excited to be able to announce these new partnerships later in the year”

At IFA 2019, Audiogum will be showcasing unique user experiences across several industries. Audiogums unique offering of services makes it an excellent fit for partners wanting to rapidly iterate their product. Audiogum is set to have a very busy and exciting time at IFA 2019.

How does Japanese technology solves the issues of aging society? Toilet timing predicting wearable device restores dignity of people

World is becoming old and finds many new problems related to aging. We found a problem which is most primitive but not be looked in so much. It is incontinence. Even though more than 50% of elderly people have some problems in excretion, there is not many solutions but wearing diaper.Our toilet timing predicting wearable device, DFree, solves the problem and support people to live their life as long as possible. DFree tells when it is necessary to go to the bathroom by tracking the progression of bladder movements using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors and analyzing data using a patented algorithm.

The life span of Japanese people is longest in the world and it will be more than 90 years in some decades. However, we worry about becoming old because of anxiety of money, health and social relationship. Length of life is important but at the same time quality of life is also or more important. Incontinence is one of things happening to many elderly people. It sometimes make their quality of life worse. Many people hesitate to go out or to do activities outside because worrying about accidents. Our device has been used by over 2,000 people in Japan. Many people are released from stress just by knowing the situation of their bladder visually. They feel that they regain the control. In our research of the user of DFree, 80% answered that their quality of life was improved by using DFree.

We support not only users but also caregivers. In nursing home, toilet care is one of the hardest task for caregivers. By using DFree, they can understand rhythm of urination of each residents and optimize care such as size of protections, schedule of toilet care etc. One of clients of DFree decreased time of continence care by 30%. The more important fact is that many caregivers said that they feel well because they can know residents better  so that they provide better care.

We got inquiries to use DFree from more than 60 countries. So we decided to expand our service to world. We are selling it in Japan, US and Europe now. We would like to share our experience and knowledge from the most aging country.

Targus addresses triple threat of Sustainability, Customer Experience and Productivity

Targus, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, will be launching new ranges and solutions at IFA to tackle the global challenges we face; living more sustainably, the evolving retail landscape and productivity whilst working from home.

Addressing the plastic waste challenge: Targus is launching a new EcoSmart range made from recycled plastic that still delivers durability, protection and organisation. The range of bags and cases are designed for an active work life balance, made from at least 70% recycled PET, nickel-free hardware as well as recyclable zips.

Try before you buy retail experience: Targus’ AR  showcase will bring the future of retail to life by giving visitors an exciting opportunity to ‘try on’ different backpacks using a 3D-printed polygon mannequin with a QR code printed on the back. Simply scan the QR code and ‘try on’ the product without it actually being there! Users can also rotate the bag and check out its different compartments.

Elevating customer service: During the event, Targus will also be showcasing a tablet cradle workstation solution developed to work seamlessly with the Samsung DeX. It gives customer service employees the ability to be mobile and switch from tablet to desktop by simply placing their tablet devices within the Targus cradle.

Modern office needs: And finally, Targus is bringing its unique ‘Workspace in retail’ concept to life at IFA, emphasizing efficiency and productivity in the home. It will be showcasing its range of docking stations, including the DOCK190, which can help ease the transition between home and office, as well as catering to more compact workspaces in modern life. Also on-site will be certified chiropractor, Dr Samera Bhatti, who will be conducting posture analysis sessions and providing top wellbeing tips on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th.

All of this and more is happening at ShowStoppers and Targus’ IFA booth: Hall 15.1 / 125.

Spigen “Do You. We Got You” – More than just a case

“Do You. We Got You” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNR5Q8YlVgw

About Spigen

The name, Spigen, derives from the two German words, “Spiegel” and “Gen”, meaning mirror and gene.  Both  were  combined  to  reflect  the  ideology   behind  our  values  in  creating  solutions reflecting the needs of our valued customers.

1) Advancing Quality

We believe quality  should be ever-improving,  which is why we create the best of  the best and then challenge ourselves again to exceed the best.

2) Simple Solution

We define good design as simple and smart. We aim to pack the most without  compromising  the original silhouette of every device.

3) Empowering Technology

Moving forward to bring the best experience while keeping the essential technology to bring into your lifestyle. Turning tech into the form where you can experience or be helped with.

Introducing Roborock S5 Max: Everyday Mopping Made Easy

Everyone hates chores. No one loves to vacuum, and definitely, no one loves to mop. But that doesn’t mean mopping should be ignored. It’s one of the best ways to rid your home of tiny fibers, little hairs, and – for anyone with allergies – everything from dander to pollen. That’s why Roborock has created the S5 Max, the easiest way to start mopping every day.

Roborock robots have been recognized for their remarkable intelligence by media all over Europe and the US, most obviously in the way that they use precision LIDAR scanning and advanced algorithms to not only map a room but to understand it. This means they are able to clean rooms quickly, efficiently, and logically, without any of the frustrations that other robot vacuums may cause.

Now with the Roborock S5 Max, it is bringing some of its intelligence to mopping. Equipped with an extra-large water tank and an electronic water pump that shares technology with pumps used in critical scenarios – including hospital IV drips – it offers a new level of convenience to users. It also unlocks a range of new mopping abilities that would never have been possible with a simple gravity-fed system.

Unique S5 Max features:

  • Total Water Shutoff – Water does not drip when mopping is not engaged, so that water can be stored ready for a scheduled mop
  • Precision Water Management – Fine control over the amount of water used means users can choose the best amount for cleaning different floor types
  • No Mop Zones – Virtual no-mop zones automatically activate when the mop pad is attached, allowing users to mopping schedules without worrying about soaking their carpets
  • Selective Room Mopping – Schedule mopping for different rooms, and using different amounts of water
  • Mechanically Sprung Mop Pad – Spring loading the mop pad replaces varying pressure with a constant 300g of cleaning force throughout the clean

Returning Roborock Highlights:

  • Intense Suction – Suction powerful enough to lift AA batteries brings up the toughest dirt, even with a full dustbin
  • Adaptive Route Algorithms – Clean faster with adaptive algorithms that calculate the most efficient way to clean an entire room based on its shape and the locations of obstacles
  • Precision LIDAR – +/-2cm accurate maps, created in real-time at 300RPM

Acronis True Image 2020 Is Here!

Discover easy, efficient, secure personal cyber protection. Everything you need to get #CyberFit