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Why Gabb Wireless created the Gabb Z2 — the best first phone for kids

Stephen Dalby, an American entrepreneur and dedicated parent, decided to create a cellular network for kids after realizing there were no good options available for his son’s first phone. Stephen wanted to be able to stay in touch via call and text to know his son was okay.

After visiting several major phone retailers, the only options were expensive, high-tech smartphones. Kids don’t need unlimited Internet access and fancy features. Parents shouldn’t have to spend $700+ on a breakable device for a pre-teen.

Gabb Wireless was created by parents to solve this problem. Every idea we conceive and every plan we make is measured by asking the question, “Will this help and protect kids?”

There’s so much more to life outside the screen, and we want to help kids live their lives to the fullest. We know that screens are no substitute for real human connection, the great outdoors, and so much more! Gabb kids spend 80% less time on screens, and that’s a w in for many reasons.

Trova Go – Protecting Valuables When Privacy is a MUST

TROVA Go is a discreet portable biometric safe designed for daily use while maintaining privacy.

This physical storage device prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing valuable, personal, recreational or otherwise private objects.

Perfect for pockets, handbags or athletic gear it is designed to be overlooked, mimicking a hard drive or battery. Only the user knows its contents. This small but essential accessory provides 100 percent worry-free mobility.

The TROVA Go is available online at for $199.00, while the TROVA Go Plus+ is priced at $219.00.

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