MysteryVibe Introduces Poco, the Smart Bullet Vibrator

Since the launch of their flagship product, Crescendo, MysteryVibe has been invested in the sexual wellness industry not just to create category-defining pleasure products — but also to emphasize the importance of pleasure as it pertains to health. They invent award-winning vibrators that fuse cutting-edge technology with intimacy, to empower relationships, conversations, and individuals through pleasure. MysteryVibe also knows that no two bodies are the same, and curate a complete pleasure experience for people of all genders, sexualities, and abilities.

After achieving critical acclaim for their flagship product, Crescendo, MysteryVibe has miniaturized their technology into a highly compact form factor. The result: Poco, the smartest bullet vibrator that offers a completely personalized sexual pleasure experience both in shape and vibration. The versatility and flexibility of exploration not found in any portable vibrator.

Through its small-but-mighty frame, Poco has endless options to give you the perfect personalized pleasure. With two mind-blowing motors, 16 intensity levels, and 8 pre-set patterns, Poco has features not seen before in the bullet / compact vibrator category. As part of MysteryVibe’s ongoing journey in the world of sexual health, Poco will help users access new forms of pleasure through targeted stimulation with a product that is easy to hold and simple to operate. Poco can also be shaped as a wearable, creating a hands-free experience for both solo and partner play.


Unleash Your Devices: GuRu Cracks the Code on Over-the-Air Charging

Founded by a Caltech professor and two of his research colleagues, GuRu has cracked the code on projecting significant amounts of energy through the air safely. Yes — lots of companies have promised wireless charging at a distance for years but none have delivered a viable product that can charge multiple devices simultaneously from afar and quickly.

At ShowStoppers, GuRu will unveil three prototype products including a roving robot, like iRobot’s Roomba, that provides a glimpse of how all our household digital devices can effortlessly be charged.  A lamp-sized desktop product for the office conference room that can charge multiple mobile phones up to three feet away, and a ceiling-mounted generator unit that sends power across a room to receiving unit-equipped devices up to 10 feet away, will also be demonstrated.

Come unplug at the GuRu booth to witness the promise of true wirelessness. Interact with the new products and cut the cord on inconvenient charging to unleash today’s IoT devices. At GuRu, we’re inventing the wireless future.

Meet Carta: The World’s First Digital Measuring Wheel To Virtually Map Any Outdoor Space

Plott, creators of the “LetsPlott” Platform – the world’s only DIY platform that allows users to take their real design concepts into the AR realm and back to reality with precise measurements and calculations, is announcing the availability of Carta at CES 2020, the latest addition to Plott’s Extended Reality tools. Carta is the first digital measuring wheel to virtually map any outdoor space utilizing the revolutionary LetsPlott platform, winner of the Best of Innovation AR/VR in the CES 2019 Innovation Awards. Carta lets users create maps in real-time and instantly calculate distance, perimeter and area, ensuring accurate measurements for virtually any outdoor project, including landscaping, construction, road building and more.

Before Carta, measuring large areas would require multiple professionals and an inherent risk of incorrect measurements that ultimately left users with painstaking calculations and no visible context. Plott’s new hardware makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive. From idea, to design, then back to reality, see for yourself at ShowStoppers how Plott’s award-winning technology and tools for anyone from the beginner DIY landscaper to professional construction worker, simplifies creative projects.

SK hynix latest SSDs level up PC performance for gamers and creators

SK hynix Inc., the Korean semiconductor powerhouse, is introducing the Gold P31 and Platinum P31 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drives (SSDs) at this year’s CES. The drives are built with SK hynix’s 128-layer 4D NAND flash, only six months after the Company announced the mass production of the world’s first and highest vertical stack for NAND flash, demonstrating the chipmaker’s technological edge.

The Gold P31 and Platinum P31 PCIe join SK hynix previously available “SuperCore” series of consumer SSDs that began with the Gold S31, a 2.5-inch SATA III SSD delivering the industry’s best-in-class speed and reliability. The new offerings were built as the premier solution for users seeking advanced performance when running multimedia programs and the most demanding of PC games.

SK hynix is a major supplier to global OEMs including top-tier PC makers who have trusted the brand’s entirely in-house developed, designed and tested SSDs for nearly a decade. With the latest PCIe NVMe drives, SK hynix is bringing its legacy of top-tier enterprise drives to US consumers looking to maximize their PC performance.

Delta Dore reveals ONSEN™ the First ‘AI Hot Water Manager’ That Helps Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption.

Delta Dore will unveil its latest Smart Home innovation, ONSEN™ – The AI Hot Water Manager – designed to transform a regular electric water heater into a smart one. Thanks to ONSEN™ and its intuitive and user-friendly app, everything from daily consumption, price per shower to scheduling a hot shower will be available at the touch of a button.

How many people actually know the price of a shower or bath? Or the fact that a shower typically uses 60-80 litres of water*, whereas a bath requires approximately double that amount, and overall hygiene is responsible for 93% of water usage compared to 7% for food*? With its cutting-edge technology, Delta Dore’s breakthrough solution – ONSEN™ – addresses the common issue of insufficient hot water that affects 36% of European and American households*. Now users can control their second largest electricity expenditure in the household, hot water. The AI Hot Water Manager guarantees that in 2020 cold showers will be a thing of the past.

ONSEN™ is driven by artificial intelligence to ensure comfort, learning a family’s shower habits and kick-starting the water heater – that typically only heats during the night – when certain days clearly require more hot water than usual, such as after weekly sports activities. For the ‘out of the ordinary’ showers or the arrival of house guests, the ONSEN™ app allows users to know the availability of hot water at any given time and/or manually schedule hot showers if needed, receiving a smartphone notification when ready.

Introducing Wacom One: Drawing On Screen for Everyone

Ready to start drawing on screen? The new Wacom One is here to get you drawing, writing and making notes on screen. It’s an economical 13” pen display meant to inspire creative beginners, social content creators and visual thinkers with pen-on-screen sketching, drawing and annotating. It’s operating system agnostic, which means you can use it with MacOS, Windows and Android. It means most any and all drawing and pen-enable apps are at your fingertips. It comes with new creative software bundles, including Clip Studio Paint and third-party pen support.

Works with Your Current Tech. Because it connects with Mac, Windows and compatible Android operating systems, Wacom One allows users to use their existing computer and phone to a pen-enabled configuration, opening current working set ups to all of the new pen related features in Microsoft Office as well as other software applications, especially those built for creativity. Wacom’s longstanding partnerships with leading manufacturers of stationary and mobile devices provides compatibility with several pens from leading manufacturers, giving users a choice of their favorite brand and style of pen for drawing and writing. New digital pens from LamySamsung and STAEDTLER are just a few that can be used on the new Wacom One display.

Draw on Screen with Accuracy. Wacom One’s pressure-sensitive pen delivers accurate and precise pen and brush strokes and its EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) pen technology does not require a pen battery or recharge, ever. The 1920 x 1080 full HD display offers 72 percent NTSC color and anti-glare treated film. The new model’s attractive, compact design makes it easy to incorporate into virtually any workspace.

Wacom One purchase entitles users to an inspirational software bundle, including a six-month free subscription for a limited time of Clip Studio Paint Pro from Celsys, a powerful, easy-to-use drawing application for comic and manga creation and Wacom’s own Bamboo Paper, an ideal application for note-taking and sketching. Additionally, users will appreciate all the pen enabled features found within the Windows 10 and Mac operating systems.

The product’s features, bundled software options and attractive price will allow a new wave of digital artists, makers, social media content creators, photographers, students, educators and business people to express themselves artistically and make the world a more creative place.

Fasetto: Finally, presentation screen-sharing made simple!

Why is it that that are great solutions for video conferencing when people are in remote locations, but nothing nearly so elegant for in-person meetings? When you are in your office, and want to share your screen with a handful of people, how can you do this? How about in an open office environment, or the Starbucks down the street? Face it, without a TV — meetings are “just talk” – until now.

With Forum from Fasetto, your laptop is turned into a presentation server broadcasting whatever is on your screen to everybody’s screen around you.  Laptops, tablets, or phones – any browser-enabled device! So, everybody just uses the device they already have, no cables, dongles, TVs or even the internet needed.

How is this possible? Stop by ShowStoppers on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020, from 6-10pm at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and we’ll show you how.

Daiwa® + Rotai Team Up to Launch New Hybrid Massage Chair: L-track + Inversion Chair that Focuses on Deep Stretching

The creator of Daiwa premium massage chairs, U.S. Jaclean Inc., will unveil its luxurious Supreme Hybrid Massage Lounger at the CES Showstoppers event. Designed with Japanese massage therapists and experts in Shiatsu deep-tissue massage techniques, Reiki body manipulation and chiropractic techniques, the Supreme Hybrid brings the luxuries of a spa into the home.

Daiwa + Rotai Supreme Hybrid introduces its new HybriFlex™ Flexible Massage Track, a 49” L-shaped roller track that arches backward at an angle-range of 112.5 to 165.5 degrees – adding 50 degrees more stretch than a standard inversion stretch chair. This super flexible hybrid massage track combines the full coverage of a 49” track, with a full-body deep stretch that would rival any yoga class.  To capitalize on the extended reach the flexible track offers, the design engineers at Daiwa and Rotai separated the massage rollers into two independent parts, while adding 4 additional rollers, creating the FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke, which covers more area and provides greater extension than any other product on the market. The new hybrid style massage chair is available to the American market for the first time this winter.

Daiwa Massage Chair®, with its parent company U.S. Jaclean®, has been a dominant player in the U.S. massage chair market for 37 years. Daiwa Legacy and Daiwa Relax2Zero models were the first to introduce advanced, game-changing robotics that helped spark a rapidly growing consumer interest in at-home massage. With nine nationwide locations, Daiwa Massage is known for offering its comprehensive DaiwaCare™, which includes white glove delivery, full-time technicians, and lifetime customer aftercare.

Press are welcome to stop by for a unique massage experience designed to combat any aches and pains and recharge weary legs for the long haul.

Kotozna: We break language barriers for a different guest experience

Kotozna Chat In-room by Kotozna, Inc. is a very timely, innovative product that will fundamentally change the way hotels work.

Hotel phones become obsolete as they become replaceable with Kotozna Chat In-room,
an app designed for hotels to gather service requests from guests where language barriers between staff and guests are eliminated since both can chat in their own

Staff will have more productive hours and get to know their customers better; service will be faster; hotels will amass higher savings and most of all ~ customers will enjoy a different guest experience.

Kotozna Chat In-room is the newest, most convenient mode of communication between hotels and their guests. App download is not required of guests and chatbots can fill in for hotel staff. Given its very powerful automatic translation, guests from different countries can comfortably use their own language to relay requests to staff. No more invasive, uneasy phone calls but only a more effective, convenient way to truly connect. With Kotozna Chat In-room, hotel staff becomes a click away, and hotel services come as fast as a tap.