A Better Ergonomic Keyboard from Matias

The Matias Programmable Ergo Pro Keyboard is a better ergonomic keyboard. It’s not made for beauty or style … it’s made to reduce the pain that many people feel typing on a standard slim keyboard, or even worse, tapping on a glass screen. The Matias keyboard features two separated halves that can be angled for optimal comfort, the ability to tent the keyboard with a higher center portion, and the ability to have negative tilt, with the front part of the keyboard higher than the back. Matias Quiet-Click Mechanical Switches with a non-linear force curve and a long 3.5 mm key travel provide comfort and enhanced ergonomics compared to a normal keyboard.

The built-in programmability feature lets you modify your keyboard to have custom key functions and shortcuts, without having to install any software.

Reduce the pain from typing, and help prevent injury to your body, while using a professional keyboard with high-end features. Available in Mac or PC version. Retail price $220. Details at: www.matias.ca