Are you ready for the future of Arcade Gaming?

Introducing the AtGames Legends Ultimate.

Tired of the same old status-quo arcade machines? Look no further! AtGames has recently launched the Legends Ultimate arcade, providing gamers everywhere with the ultimate gaming experience! The Legends Ultimate is a full-size home arcade machine that’s designed for the whole family to enjoy! On top of the Legends Ultimate, AtGames recently announced that its ArcadeNet™ games service is available to offer players games on demand for streaming, download, and purchase. ArcadeNet™ is just one of the many exciting features and services for the world’s first Connected Arcade™.

The full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade platform features 350 built-in games, ArcadeNet™, BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game), HDMI/USB peripheral options, and more to make it one of the most versatile and value-driven products of its type. Among the 350 games that will appear on this full-size arcade unit is a large selection of classic arcade and home video games from top licensors. These favorites can be enjoyed from the authentic arcade-style control panel, which includes two joysticks, six action buttons per player, a high-performance trackball, and two spinners. Of course, the Legends Ultimate is so much more than what’s built in. As The Connected Arcade™, the Legends Ultimate is online-enabled. From feature updates to game streaming to leaderboards and so much more, the possibilities with this versatile platform are limitless.

This arcade has one sole purpose, and that is to take your gaming experience to the next level. With endless gaming opportunities, even non-gamers will find a game to play! So why settle for an ordinary arcade machine? This is the arcade that gamers have been waiting for. Turn your wildest gaming dreams into reality with the Legends Ultimate arcade. For more information, including current retail availability, please visit the Legends Ultimate website at