Avast Moves Into the Smart Home with Launch of Omni

You already know Avast as the antivirus company that has been keeping consumers safe online since the first viruses of the ‘80s. Now on the heels of its 30th anniversary, the Prague-based industry veteran is moving onto a new frontier of cybersecurity: the Internet of Things.

Avast is at ShowStoppers this week to show off its brand-new product for smart home security, Avast Omni, which was named a CES Innovation Awards honoree for Cybersecurity & Privacy. The hardware component plugs into the back of your home router, and then the companion mobile app will alert you to vulnerabilities or unusual behavior so you can block intruders and cyber-threats in real-time. It’s the company’s solution to the vast amount of inherently insecure IoT devices that consumers are bringing into their homes; since you can’t download typical security software onto a smart refrigerator or connected thermostat, for example, Omni instead secures the network itself.

Beyond endpoint and home network security, Avast Omni also features robust parental controls that enable families to foster healthy digital habits at home. With Omni, parents can limit children’s screen time, block inappropriate content, freeze internet access during homework or dinner time, and monitor their location when they’re on-the-go. While kids relish the freedom of having their own device, parents can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are staying within bounds.

For more information, visit www.avast.com/omni or swing by ShowStoppers @ CES table E-14.