Diamond Dog™ Tempered Glass Screen Protector Featuring DiamondClad™ Technology Sets the “Diamond Standard” for Ultimate Screen Protection

Let’s face it. Every screen protector will eventually fail. Period. And the dog-gone truth is, phone cases won’t always protect your screen from becoming a goner. Two out of three smartphone owners reported damage to their phone in 2018, and almost 60% of that damage included scratched or cracked screens.* After years in development and millions of test cycles in its Silicon Valley labs, Intevac is debuting its premier consumer product, Diamond Dog™, to provide a meaningful, lasting solution to the everyday life-circumstances that challenge our mobile devices.

Diamond Dog sets the new diamond standard for long-lasting mobile device screen protection and performance. Diamond Dog features patented DiamondClad™ Technology, built on the foundation of 120 patents and Intevac’s diamond-like carbon technology that has protected billions of hard drive media over 25 years.

Lab tests show Diamond Dog screen protectors provide up to 6 times better scratch protection, up to 5 times more abrasion protection, up to 4-6 times longer anti-fingerprint protection, and up to 3 times better breakage protection.** Plus, if your Diamond Dog screen protector gets damaged or worn, Diamond Dog will replace it as long as you own your Diamond Dog-protected phone.***  Diamond Dog ensures:

  • Your mobile device screen is protected better and longer, and requires fewer screen protector replacements
  • Your mobile device interface performs as naturally as the phone’s own screen does
  • Your mobile device stays clean, maintains pristine clarity, and looks like new longer
  • You’re paying a fair price and getting extra, lasting value and a lifetime warranty

For more information, visit www.mydiamonddog.com.

*   SquareTrade, A Division of Allstate, MarketWatch 11/25/18. ** Tested against leading screen protector competitors. *** Replacement requires return of damaged product with proof of purchase. See www.mydiamonddog.com/Warranty for details.